Nifty Spot Update

Nifty Trading Calls Given Just Some Time Back. 2:03:05 PM Nifty Buy 8500 March Ce In 2 Parts @ 8640,8633 SL 8625 All Spot Lvls glendrago:    Confirmation Nifty March 8500 Ce Bought 1 Part. Nifty March 8500 Ce Book 50% Of What We Bought…

Nifty Spot Update 17th March 2015

As per our Nifty Trading Calls Given yesterday we have EXITED our shorts at 8673 Spot. We Don’t have any open positions as of now. Nifty Prediction: Neutral Trend As Of Now.  

Nifty Spot View For 17th March 2015

Our Nifty Prediction of Down Trend Is still valid. Pullback is possible over next few trading days. Volatility could spike up. We have kept trading/trailing SL for our current shorts at 8673 Spot Nifty. Nifty Trading Calls Given Today.          

Nifty Spot View For 16th March 2015

Our Nifty Prediction of strong down trend is valid (Pullbacks possible but Trend is down)  Nifty continues to make lower tops & lower bottoms. Volatility could rise in this week with sharp swings on either side. Subscribe to our Nifty Trading Calls to know what…

Nifty Spot View Update

Nifty Trading Calls given today are enclosed below.  Our Nifty Prediction of a strong down trend is still valid. We do not recommend to Buy.  Trend Is Down.

Nifty Spot View For 12th March 2015

In last 3 days our Nifty Trading Calls & Nifty Prediction of a strong down trend starting has been spot on. You can go through chat transcript given below. All our Entries have been with Max SL of 15 Points. Always Low Risk & High…

Chat Transcript 9th March 2015-11th March 2015

Session Start (Mass Message:manohar1960): Sun Mar 08 23:22:30 2015 Nifty Trend Is Down. Break Below 8842 Then TGT Is 8579. Spot Rates. Wait For Msg To Add Positions. Will Keep Updating Live During Mkt Hrs. Session Close (manohar1960): Sun Mar 08 23:22:30 2015 Session…

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