Bank Nifty Advisory


Bank Nifty  & Share Market Advisory


  • All Bank Nifty Calls Given Are Low Risk High Reward Trades
  • Average Risk To Reward 1:3
  • Bank Nifty Live updates given during market hours. Share Market Trend/View communicated by Whats app.
  • No Compulsive Trading Only Opportunity Based Trading
  • Bank Nifty Trades Only In Direction Of Main Trend Hence Overall Accuracy Is Over 90%
  • Time Tested Trading Methodologies, Discipline and Money Management To Maximize Returns in share market.
  • Proof Of Trading Done Shown By Contract Notes/Profit-Loss Statements Showing Actual Performance
  • Bank Nifty Trades Based On Gann Theory,ELW Theory,Time Projection gives us the ability to capitalize on the opportunities in share markets

Statistics Based On Last 1000 Bank Nifty Trades Done Over 700 Trading Days

  • 20% Of Our Trades Hit SL Avg Loss 30-60 Points,
  • 25% Of Our Trades We Exit At Cost,
  • 30% Of Our Trades Earn Profit Of 280-300 Points,
  • 25% Of Our Trades Earn Profit Of 400 Points Plus


It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.”