Nifty Future & Share Market Advisory


Nifty Future & Share Market Advisory


  • All Nifty Future Calls Given Are Low Risk High Reward Trades
  • Average Risk Of 10-15 Points Average Target’s Of 70-150 Points
  • Average Risk To Reward 1:5
  • Nifty Live updates given during market hours.Share Market Trend/View communicated by yahoo/Whats app.
  • No Compulsive Trading Only Opportunity Based Trading
  • Nifty Future/Nifty Option Trades Only In Direction Of Main Trend Hence Overall Accuracy Is Over 81%
  • Time Tested Trading Methodologies, Discipline and Money Management To Maximize Returns in share market.
  • Proof Of Trading Done Shown By Contract Notes/Profit-Loss Statements Showing Actual Performance
  • Nifty Future & Nifty Option Trades Based On Gann Theory,ELW Theory,Time Projection gives us the ability to capitalize on the opportunities in share markets

Statistics Based On Last 1000 Nifty Future/Nifty Option Trades Done Over 700 Trading Days

  • 20% Of Our Trades Hit SL Avg Loss 10-15 Points,
  • 25% Of Our Trades We Exit At Cost,
  • 30% Of Our Trades Earn Profit Of 70-150 Points,
  • 25% Of Our Trades Earn Profit Of 250 Points Plus