Nifty Prediction 2nd March 20

Nifty Prediction we see bottom of today (Friday 28th Feb) should be held. Do not see any major downside from current levels and buying must be done at current levels.

Nifty had a major negative astro cycle and it has played out perfectly but we now do not see further panic whatever had to happen as per astro cycles is in the price and we have recommended buying into delivery stocks today. Some of the stocks we mentioned to buy in delivery today are Divis Labs, Maharashtra Scooters (we we recommended this stock even at 1100 rs and again we are recommending this stock) Pidilit Ind, Abbot India, Icici Bank, HDFC Bank, Jub Food, Tata motors, Tata chemicals, kuantum paper, siemens so we feel that in the longer term these set of stocks will do very well and should be accumulated in delivery for long term. Please do not consider them as trading opportunities we see that these set of stocks should outperform the broad market.

From a traders perspective Nifty is extremely oversold and we see good up side from current levels even assuming that a major bear market has begun even then from current levels a good  bounce is expected in the markets.

Good trading to you!