Nifty 50 Trend Report

96% plus traders & investors lose money in market because they are on the wrong side of the trend. Being on right side of the trend is the most important aspect of any trade or investment. Nifty 50 Trend report shall guide you with accurate Main & Minor  trend as per Gann Wave, Gann Swing, Gann Square of 9 and Time projection.

In this report you will get Main Trend & Minor Trend of all Nifty 50 stocks & Nifty Future.  In addition you will also get Gann Wave support levels.

How This Report Can Help Medium To Long Term investors ?

E.g. Tata Steel is in a strong down wave since 17th July 2014. Till today (31st March 2015) none of the parameters have turned up. So if you as a investor were holding Tata Steel and followed our Nifty 50 Trend report then you would have Exited delivery in your medium to long term portfolio on 17th July 2014 and switched to the stock which is in powerful up trend/Bullish trend like Axis Bank and outperformed Nifty 50 & Nifty Future itself by huge margin.

Daily Nifty Future Resistance/Support Levels will also be given in the report. In case of major trend changes Nifty Live updates will also be given during share market trading hours.

This report is sent to you via email on a daily basis post markets around 7 PM IST so that you can plan your trades/investment well in advance.