Nifty Futures 26th Dec 2016

SGX Nifty Futures

LTP   10,940.00   +26.00 +0.24% High 11,041.50 Low 11,001.00 (Change Vs Today’s Nifty Futures (NSE) Closing)

SGX Nifty

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Nifty Futures 26th Dec 2016

Nifty Futures / SGX Nifty has been moving lower since the past few days. After making a short term high of 8275 Nifty is now back to the lows around 8000 levels.

As per our analysis, we once again reiterate our view that longer term we remain very bearish and we hold our view that eventually, Nifty will come to 5872 but in the near term, we do not see that selling around current prices will make much or any money or for that matter even if you are a portfolio investor we do not see that these are the prices one should be getting out, as per our analysis, we are very clear that we will see much better prices to exit portfolio in the near term.
We know that many people are now extremely bearish on the markets but we do not see that prices will sustain on the lower side in the near term and we see a near-term up move and this up move which is about to start could begin in a few days time.

From an Astro cycle analysis, there are very important astrological signatures coming up in this week and we have historically seen very powerful moves taking place around these Astro signatures.  Saturday 24th Dec 2016 Saturn trine Uranus, on 25th Venus Trines Jupiter,  on 26th Jupiter Opposition Uranus and then Sun conjuncts Mercury and later Uranus goes direct.  The important point is this that three signatures out of these have a very high correlation to major down cycles ending in the Indian Stock market at least for the short term though there is one Astro signature that creates a bit of a lasting bottom but when all the three are in al very narrow time band we have seen based on our historical back testing that some good moves have taken place.

These signatures have an orbit of around 12 trading days so within 12 trading days do expect some massive upside but only in the near term not for the longer term, longer term targets of 5872 remain absolutely intact. If you refer my Diwali 2016 post this is what I was referring to trade in and trade out opportunity in between the year. So if you buy now please book out wherever you feel is right I am very clear that in the near term we do not see much downside. If you are only trading on the basis of this post please use appropriate risk management and then only trade. Please do not over trade under any circumstances.

This is what we have mentioned in our Mahurat Trading 2016 Update

“The answer is trading in and out for the time being and only for the time being because after that trade in and out in a few months it will be just a sell and hold because  we will start seeing mayhem that has not been seen in years if not decades (why will it happen I do not know, how it will happen I will not describe everything in detail here or anywhere else but just keep in mind that this is what I see, tomorrow it must not happen that as my client or as a regular reader of this website you say you just did not know, by reading this you very well know.)”

“I do not suggest buying any stocks for long term at current prices though we may enter in some panic and exit again but that will be trading not investments.”

Good Trading To You!


141 thoughts on “Nifty Futures 26th Dec 2016

      1. Thanks sir for your guidance
        And Yes sir we have been in beer market since March 2015
        I am asking you
        That from 11th January 2017 we can see nifty to touch your target of 5872 once the up move of near term end which you were saying ?
        & Please give the level for nifty near term up move target if possible
        Thanks again

  1. based on your blogs history view i will buy a small qty in nifty futures on monday for short term thanking you

  2. Sir I am holding renuka sugars since one year at price 14rs. but now it is going below 13 rs. so what can I do sir? hold or exit? Can demonetisation affect this stock?

  3. Sir,

    Slightly confused on your last update on renuka sugar.
    Ugar Sugar i have bought at 40,36,29,25 levels.
    Renuka bought at 11.9,12.25,15,16 levels. I remember you had posted a special post on shree renuka in Feb-16 stating that it will multiply atleast 5 times from that value around 12 rs. As per the results posted, shree renuka looks to be more of a good turn around story and looks like it can fly high but not able to do so since last few months. But in recent replies, you seem to be preferring ugar sugar as compared to shree renuka. Do you no see renuka not performing as per your expectation?


      1. Thanks sir. I anticipate that as holding it in coming days as well. Also if we see Renuka sugar charts of 2008, it did outperform the fall. So Renuka sugar cycle looks like it may fire in the next anticipated downfall of Nifty to 5800/lower. In case you think otherwise do let us know if you exit Renuka in between. As per my analysis, if next 1 or 2 quarters are good for Renuka (historically Q3 and q4 best for sugars) we can see some sharp upside in Renuka. Also once 19-20 resistance is broken, it may multiply 3-5 times from there in next 4-5 months. Let’s see and thanks for your views.


  4. Dear sir
    U only give ur long term tgt of 5872. Y u never give short term tgts.
    Like,in this short term upmove,whether u c nifty @ 8200 r 8300 r 8400.
    Pls guide on short term tgts also.
    And do u c any NAV pop up rally frm Monday till year end.

  5. Post confusing me on rally point,
    1. whether 12 days rally or
    2.rally start within 12 days remain uptrend for short term or .
    3. 12 days define how rally will happen or just 12 days.
    I thinking as change in guard of US after 8 years, policy change will change beneficiary ind. list and that will lead portfolio churning for FII, stock to bond or Stock churn,
    This may begin as new team and policy detail come out,
    and massive change in portfolio create up-down roller coster ride for next six month, it will be better stay short few month…

  6. Unless until nifty goes past 8124 -8200 in next 2 days difficult to say trend is up. However possibility nifty testing 7800 very high.

  7. You are toying with this group, don’t give fake news and predictions like nearterm trend up and all , your planets are also toying with you

  8. Seems; Nifty to be in a range bound 7800- to 8000+ for Dec 2016 as per to the combination of VIX & Astro Cycle. Considering democratic changes happening @ eyeing market strategies, lets hope and watch for more, you have done a gr8 analysis, Good one Attaboy !

  9. Sir,
    Carnage continuing in Indian markets. As per astro is short term trend similar to feb 16? Market kept falling till 29 Feb 16 and then straight reversed by 500-600 point in 2-3 days. Is the same expected in this astro cycle i.e. short term trend reversal with furious upside without any consolidation?


      1. Great sir. Nifty did see a sharp reversal today changing the Outlook of many as it did close above 8000 area. Let’s see if 8300 is taken out this time in the upward rally to see 8550 once again. Anticipating trend reversal is the most difficult thing in markets and you do it with such ease. Hats off to you.


  10. Sir,
    How you see PSU banks performing? Do you see a strong pullback in all PSU bank counters in coming days?


  11. Sir, Entire market sentiment is completely bearish . Is there is any possibility nifty can surprise by crossing 8200-8250 tomorrow . Since you are well versed with charts and other astro cycles . You are in better position to say.

    Happy & Prosperous New Year to you n your family in advance

  12. Hello Sir,
    You didn’t mention anything about the stocks to hold/recommended. Kindly provide your current view. It will be very helpful for all of us who are following your blogs with conviction and trust.

      1. Dear Sir,
        Happy new year.
        You mentioned stocks previously MSL, Ugar, Renuka, BajajHind & new multibagger (not revealed yet).

  13. Happy new year to you and all reader. Sir past year every day given us good learning from your efforts and hard work praying to god give full power to you that help all investor to invest in systematic way sir wishing you once agin a happy new year.

  14. Sirji, according to daily & weekly charts, IOC, Oil India igl Gail and reliance industry are entering overbought territory. News to follow soon which may cause these to come down or even crash?… I am closely tracking these 5.
    Banking stocks may enter oversold zone when banknifty approaches near 17200, I presume. Still some stocks like pnb canbk obc boi bob etc. can be kept on radar & brought in staggered manner?

  15. Sirji as u mentioned near term up, can we heading towards 9000 to end of pull back, and January 2017 will try to set lifetime high.

  16. Sirji, I thank you very much for your kind replies throughout last year, as well as guiding the investment fraternity selflessly and coming out victorious amidst the barrage of ill Words by ill & impatient viewers who are now nowhere to be seen, ? nursing their wounds.
    You are a true Messiah of Indian stock-market and service like yours is not seen in the entire blogsites.
    Wishing you and your family a very serene life.
    Take care of health. Please avoid pollution, get immunised against communicable illnesses like typhoid (by Typbar – 2 doses) & jaundice (by Havrix A) & by all means, protect against mosquitoes. Always prefer No. 1 in all products & all spheres of life. For me, you’re the No. 1 person in many many spheres, & waiting eagerly to meet you.

  17. Hello Sir,
    Thanks again for the guidance, waiting eagerly for your next blog update. I request you write blog on daily basis as you used to do before. I really miss reading your blog on daily basis even before touching the news.

  18. Dear Sir,
    I know this is not portal to get information about about Bitcoin n Crypto currency…
    But still would like to know your views on the same… As I respect you for your guidance in investing is unbelievable… Pls give details in faith…
    I don’t want to Google it and get the information…
    I read few things on Bitcoins…but what is future if invested…don’t konw

    Once again sincere request from me…pls guide

  19. Hi sir.
    The level of 8270-8330is not breaking in intraday. Unless an until
    Market is not giving closing above these levels or gap up opening above these levels . market will be in flat mode. Or in corrective mode.
    For teji its necessary to gap up or break an close above 8330 levels.
    And then 8600 fast by 21 Jan 2016

    Market created base at 8000.
    Both with time wise and price wise
    With W pattern.

  20. Respected Glen Sir,
    As per your calculation, 12 days are over from Dec 26, 2016. Still uptrend is there or is it going to end.

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