SGX Nifty 11th June 2015

SGX Nifty


Index Last High Low
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SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction / Stock Market Tips For 11th June 2015

SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend Today was positive along expected lines. Cairn India, Wipro, HCL Tech, Reliance, LT were leading Nifty 50 today while NMDC, Lupin, Idea and Ambuja Cements were dragging the Nifty 50 today (10th June 2015)

Yesterday we had very clearly mentioned that we do not recommend selling fresh at current levels and on the contrary we will Buy June Calls to play pullback towards 8250 Nifty spot levels mentioned. As per our SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction Trend remains down. Both Major Trend and Minor Trend remain down. Pullback is on due to minor positive sub cycle which will end on 11th June 2015. After 11th June 2015 anytime a sharp fall is expected to take Nifty towards 7800 Nifty spot levels. Hence use this pullback towards 8250 to exit long positions if any. Bottom line is be on as much cash as possible (exception Buying Bajaj Hindustan, Renuka Sugar and EID Parry we don’t recommend/ advise holding any long positions in Stock Market / Share Market be in delivery positions or Derivative long positions.

Nifty Min TGT on upside is 8150 Spot (which is almost done today on 10th June 2015)after crossing 8150 spot downside can begin anytime towards 7800 Spot Nifty. (Please follow message and trade only as per message given). We maintain SGX Nifty is in a powerful down trend at least till 10th July 2015 we don’t expect any major pullback. Our overall target for this down cycle is 7211 Spot Nifty and we are do not believe Stock Markets are headed higher from here (Max pullback in this round is 8300). Stock Markets / SGX Nifty  have been making classic lower top lower bottom formation and until and unless that structure is changing we don’t mind blindly following the main trend which remains down. So bottom line sell on rise strategy will only give money. Buying won’t give any money till min 10th July 2015. (Down cycle may extend to 1st week of Aug also details I will update later)

USDINR / Forex Update 11th June 2015

USDINR Trend today was down. USDINR continued giving pullback along expected lines. USDINR has good support at 63.20 Spot and as per our USDINR analysis we belive from around 63.20 Spot level we will begin next round of rupee depreciation and take USDINR beyond 66+ levels by Aug 1st week. We have been advising Impex Traders to hedge positions and this would be last opportunity to hedge positions if you have not yet hedged USDINR positions.

Bank Nifty 11th June 2015

Bank Nifty today was in the green along expected lines. Bank Nifty both Major and Minor Trend are down. Have zero exposure to this sector (No Public Sector Banks and No Private Sector Banks) both of them are equally bad and will collapse and lead the fall towards 7211 by 1st week of Aug 2015

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Share Market / Stock Market Tips Given Today 10th June 2015

08:40, Jun 10 – : GM Nifty View remains the same. Pullback to 8150 will come as per our analysis, we don’t see Nifty falling directly to 7800. ON lower side we will buy when we get low risk entry point. Min Pullback to 8150 Max Pullback to 8300. (But pullback is clear as per our analysis) Hold 8200 June Call Till Next Update. Stock Market / Share Market Updates will be Given live during stock market hours.
09:36, Jun 10 – : Nifty June 820Call Book 1 Part @ CMP & Hold 2nd Part Till Next Update
09:37, Jun 10 – : As per our analysis Nifty will test 8150+ Spot. Stock Market / Share Market Updates will be given
09:38, Jun 10 – : Confirmation Nifty June 8200 Call Booked 1 Part & Holding 2nd Part.
09:46, Jun 10 – : Continue Holding Rem 8200 June Call Till Next Update. I explained again and again today Stock market / Nifty will come up and pullback will come Stock Markets proving that our analysis is right. Also always remember I will not recommend anything if I am not sure or have any doubt. Just follow msg and trade aramse.
11:13, Jun 10 – : Nifty Spot If Crosses 8111 Before 11.36 Am then will test 8169 Today All spot lvls
11:24, Jun 10 – : Yesterday Night on the website I mentioned I am super bullish on sugar. All 3 stock Bajaj Hind, Renuka and Eid Parry will give 5 X returns Min by 2019 Jan
13:42, Jun 10 – : Exit remaining positions in 8200 June call
13:43, Jun 10 – : Confirmation no open positions
13:44, Jun 10 – : Confirmation no open positions
13:59, Jun 10 – : Nifty Buy 8300 June Put 1 Part @ 8114 & 2nd Part @ 8118 SL 8121 All Nse Spot Rates Mentioned. (If Comes we will trade or else wait) After 2.15 Pm Today Nifty will give Intraday Crash Caution is advised
14:15, Jun 10 – : Nifty June 8300 Put Buy 1 Part @ CMP & Nifty June 8300 Put Buy 2nd Part @ 8118 Revise SL 8126 Spot Nifty lvls
14:15, Jun 10 – : Confirmation 1 Part Nifty June 8300 Put Active
14:24, Jun 10 – : Confirmation Nifty June 8300 Put 2nd Part Active
14:29, Jun 10 – : SL Not Hit PL Hold Position 8126 Spot SL
14:30, Jun 10 – : Nifty CMP>>8070>>8180 >> 7800 is expected by 11th June
14:31, Jun 10 – : 8070>>8180 by 11th June and then down to 7800 By 16th
14:32, Jun 10 – : SL Hit
14:34, Jun 10 – : Nifty will halt pullback around 8180-8250 and then fall towards 7800-7900 by 16th we will be in 7800-7900 range. Nifty top will be done max by 11th June 2015 around 3 Pm Max
14:48, Jun 10 – : Do not remain long wait for msg to sell
14:49, Jun 10 – : Exit delivery
14:53, Jun 10 – : Pullback min criteria is fulfilled now wait for selling signal
14:53, Jun 10 – : 7800 tgt 16th June 2015 but when and where to sell I will update
14:54, Jun 10 – : Friday could be 250 points down in nifty little
14:54, Jun 10 – : More also possible
14:54, Jun 10 – : Wait for selling signal