SGX Nifty 15th June 2015

SGX Nifty


Index Last High Low
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CNX Nifty Spot 7879.50 7880.20 7837.70


SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction / Stock Market Tips For 15th June 2015

SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend yesterday (12th June 2015) was flat. Nifty remained range bound between 7940-8000 for most part of the day (Nifty 50 Spot Levels Mentioned). As per our analysis SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction Trend remains down. Both Major Trend and Minor Trend remain down and our view remains the same on rise towards resistance or small stop loss points exit Stock Market Delivery Positions / Derivative Long positions. For current move Nifty Spot will breach minimum 7899. After 7899 is breached (although we expect Nifty spot to touch 7800 in a hurry) another pullback is again expected towards 8250. Pullback towards 8250 will happen by 22nd June 2015 and we expect this pullback to be final pullback after which supersonic fast down move will begin in India Stock Markets and World Stock Markets. From 4th March 2015 we have been advising and openly telling down cycle won’t end before 10th July 2015 Min. Our advice is use all pullbacks to EXIT longs or at least hedge long positions. By 16th June 2015 we expect Nifty to bottom around 7800 Nifty Spot level and then pullback towards 22nd June 2015 (8250 Levels). SGX Nifty / Nifty 50 has resistance at 8071 for 15th June 2015, while Minor support is at 7892 If 7885 Breaks before 11.21 Am then 7823 will come on 15th June 2015. (Lower side to Buy or not to Buy we will update our clients live during market hours). Nifty 50 continues to make classic lower tops and lower bottoms and we don’t expect that to change before 15th July 2015 at least (there is a high probability for this negative time cycle to extend to 1st week of Aug 2015 also but as of now we don’t have final confirmation for the same)

SGX Nifty / Financial Astrology Update

On 11th June 2015 Mercury changed direction and became direct, while on 12th June 2015 Neptune turned retrograde. Neptune being the ruler of Crude Oil started reversing along expected lines ( Our TGT for Crude Oil remains 72 but right now one pullback is on In Nymex Crude Oil) June 22nd 2015 Jupiter Trines Uranus and as per our studies this has very high probability for tops (both short term and long term tops have been seen historically around this geocosmic signature) Once again caution is advised in long positions. But the most significant update for this week is Saturn changing signs and entering Scorpio and that’s going to create instability in the markets (sudden direction changes will happen but on rise its better to sell and follow trades in the direction of the main trend, avoid counter trend trading as they will turn out to be classic traps)

USDINR Trend 15th June 2015.

USDINR we maintain our overall target of 72. USDINR move past 64.37 On Monday 15th June 2015 will take it straight towards 65+ 63.75 June Future Levels is important support for USDINR on 15th June 2015

Fed FOMC Meeting this week will add to the volatility we don’t see significant change in commentary for now but rate hikes will begin from Oct-Nov of 2015.

Bank Nifty Updates will be given live during market hours

For more details of our advisory services, Nifty 50 / Nifty Futures / Nifty options advisory services feel free to call me on 9222294707.

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SGX Nifty Chart Is Enclosed Below

Share Market Tips / Stock Market Tips Given on 12th June 2015. (Positional Trades For 15th June 2015 also given)

09:33, Jun 12 – : Continue Holding 8200 June Put Till Next Update

09:34, Jun 12 – : Nifty TGT 7800. Min will breach 7899 once it breaches will update what is to be done.

10:25, Jun 12 – : Nifty TGT 7800 Wait For Fresh Msg To Sell. IIP Numbers Today evening are not good Could Gap Down on Monday morning If 7800 Does Not Come today. Min TGT 7899 Spot will get breached (Once that is done I will update More details later)

10:34, Jun 12 – : if we get low risk entry point then only we will enter fresh shorts or else wait on sidelines till next update. Hold 8200 June Put till next update.

11:10, Jun 12 – Amol Brics securities added to the list

11:10, Jun 12 – Amol Brics securities removed from the list

13:11, Jun 12 – : Nifty 8200 Put Book 50% Qty In 2nd Part & Hold Rem Qty

13:12, Jun 12 – : Confirmation 2nd Part 50% Qty Booked Now Holding Rem Qty in 8200 June Put

15:09, Jun 12 – : Continue holding rem qty in 8200 June put till next update

15:28, Jun 12 – : Btst buy 1 part June 8200 put and hold prev qty till next update

15:28, Jun 12 – : Confirmation 1 part June 8200 put bought holding rem qty bought yesterday in June 8200 put

18:41, Jun 12 – : Based on the analysis of iip and inflation numbers we are see no change in trend. Trend remains down. Sgx nifty is at 7955 as of now down 20 points. Maintain target of 7800.