SGX Nifty 19th June 2015

SGX Nifty


Index Last High Low
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SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction / Stock Market Tips For 19th June 2015

SGX Nifty / Nifty Trend Today (18th June 2015) was positive. Nifty Spot opened gap up at 8114 then made a low of 8104 and then moved higher towards 8187. (Nifty 50 Spot levels Mentioned) As per our Nifty Trend / Nifty Prediction Major and Minor Trend remains down. We were expecting a pullback Minimum till 8152 Nifty spot level and that criteria has been completed today (Nifty can even test up to 8300 in this pullback but we don’t think that is likely although possible) We maintain use this pullback to reduce overall Stock Market delivery positions and Stock Market Futures / Derivative long positions as once this pullback ends around 8152-8250 Nifty 50 Spot level mentioned we are expecting fast down move towards 7800 (Minimum will breach 7899) Only after 7899 is breached will any sustainable pullback begin. Hence now since minimum criteria is completed it is very important to be very careful in long positions as minimum one round down towards 7800 is still pending. As per time cycle and astro cycles / financial astrology we don’t see pullback extending beyond 22nd June 2015 (+/- one Trading day) Jupiter Trines Uranus on 22nd June 2015 and as said before this geocosmic signature has high correlation in our studies for tops / crests to be created both short term tops and long term tops. It is very muck likely that Nifty will be around 7800 by June expiry so buying June 8200 or July 8300 Puts will be good trading idea. (But where to Buy etc details will be given to clients)

SGX Nifty Components 19th June 2015

Today out performance was seen from Reliance Industries, Bharti Airtel, Wipro, State Bank Of India and Tata Motors. While Underperformance was seen in Cairn India, Zeel, Tech Mahindra, and Bank of Baroda.

Crude Oil Update

As expected Nymex Crude Oil turned down from 12th June 2015 (Ruler of Crude Oil Neptune turned retrograde on 12th June 2015) Now we expected pullback to end around 56-57 and then again a rally to start in crude oil. Overall we expect Crude Oil to touch 72. Longer term for 2015 we expect crude oil to be in a range of 45-72. Eventually next year it will break 45 also and even may test 25-20 levels but leave that aside for now.

USDINR Update 19th June 2015

USDINR we have been recommending to hedge positions as overall our longer term target remains 72. IN the short term though we have been advising that a pullback toward s63.20 USDINR spot levels is on the cards and we feel once around 63.50 also one should not wait till 63.20. Overall long term structure is very clear in USDINR and as per our analysis USDINR will touch 66 by Aug 1st week. (when and where to Buy for trading more details to our clients)

Bank Nifty Trend / Bank nifty Prediction

Bank Nifty major and minor trend remains down. There is no change in view. Our recommendation / advice remains the same for now skip this sector with zero exposure to this sector both Public sector banking and private sector banking. Next one to three months will be especially bad for Banking sector as a whole.

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Good Trading To You!

SGX Nifty Chart is enclosed below for ready reference

Stock Market Advice for 18th-19th June 2015

09:12, Jun 18 – : Wait for Nifty to come higher towards 8152 Spot

09:31, Jun 18 – : Nifty Trade In 4 Parts Nifty 8200 June Put Buy 1 Part @ CMP & Wait For Update

09:31, Jun 18 – : Confirmation 1 Part 8200 June pUt Bought

12:13, Jun 18 – : Nifty has completed Min criteria for pullback It is however possible Nifty can test 8250 area also (plus minus 50 points). Wait for msg to add shorts / puts. Hold 8200 June Put till next Update

15:00, Jun 18 – : Nifty Buy 8200 July Put 1 Part @ CMP & Hold. (Hold Prev June 8200 Put Till Next Update). We will add more 2 parts if comes near upper limit pl keep margins open for that

15:01, Jun 18 – : Confirmation Nifty July 8200 Put Bought 1 Part @ CMP

15:03, Jun 18 – : Confirmation Now 2 Parts Open 1 Part 8200 June Put and 1 Part 8200 July Put. Hold Both Positions as per time cycle 22nd June top max and then fall towards 7800. Max Upside 8250 Spot

15:04, Jun 18 – : If comes higher we will add another 2 parts as per rule min criteria is complete and down fall can start any time towards 7800 spot Nifty Min will break 7899 Nifty spot level

15:06, Jun 18 – : Nifty expected move CMP-8250>>7750-7899 anytime fall can begin max can hold out til monday 22nd June 2015 and then fast fall will begin as per our understanding 7899 will be breached on Thursday before June expiry.