SGX Nifty 1st Sep 2015

SGX Nifty


Index Last High Low
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 SGX Nifty Trend For Tomorrow / Nifty Prediction 1st Sep 2015

SGX Nifty Trend Today was flat with volatility with a small range of 8042-7940. In the morning SGX Nifty opened lower and Nifty spot made a low of 7955 (We did recommend buying at 7959 for intraday targets of 8030 in the morning (Click Here to read Stock Market Tips / Share Market Tips / Nifty Trading Calls Given Today) Yesterday we had clearly mentioned that Nifty spot support is at 7940 for Today. Below 7940 gates open for 7550-7631 hence below 7940 extreme caution is advised. We once again recommend avoiding bottom fishing and wait for Nifty to begin changing its current structure then only start buying. Holding cash or trading in and out will be best strategy for both traders and investors. SGX Nifty Minor Trend is Neutral. SGX Nifty Major Trend remains down. Nifty Support for tomorrow 1st Sept 2015 is at 7940. (Nifty 50 spot levels mentioned) while Nifty Resistance for tomorrow 1st Sep 2015 is at 8110. Overall till in the range of 8110-7940 it will best to trade in and out and avoid longer term directional calls. (Most traders are buying calls both Out of the Money and In the Money Calls but we do not feel that Calls will make money for traders in Sep 2015 series) Till the time Nifty and Global Stock Markets do not stop making lower tops / high and lower bottoms / low it will not be a good trade to bottom fish and start buying rather on any rise towards small stop loss points or resistances Traders and Investors must exit trading longs and reduce exposure to delivery long positions. With bad earnings situation, Low growth, Low credit growth, FED about to increase interest rates in next 60 days which will push INR towards 72, bad harvesting season these factors are not conducive for risk on assets like equities. The next astro cycle indicates (although we will wait for confirmation) but it does indicate Nifty will continue downside movement for now. Mars in Cancer has played its role in pushing all Stock Markets lower and now after it reached it’s mid point has given some relief to bulls but we do not expect Mars to be good to the Stock Markets for now and on Sep 15th we could be in for a surprise. Also the blood moon and eclipse in Sep 2015 will put pressure on markets especially Emerging Market Currencies. Caution is advised once again. As we repeatedly have mentioned inversion and whenever inversion occurs down cycle extends both in price and time so be prepared to see some nasty moves before Diwali 2015.

India’s Growth Story Derailed ?

India’s Q1 GDP came in at 7 percent vs. 7.5 percent. This is what we have been predicting but most of the Stock Market participants / analyst have been in denial but data shows the reality that India too is slowing down along with the Global slowdown.  Apr-Jul Fiscal Deficit at Rs 3.85L Cr vs. Rs 3.25L Cr. so in a nutshell sharp decline in GDP, sharp increase in fiscal deficit. North Block is going to push and cry for a rate cut again (this time though we feel Reserve Bank of India will oblige by .25 bps rate cut in the next 48 hours) but overall it shows India is getting into a mess rather I would say a perfect storm where cash will be king and as investors we will be getting real bargain deals in Stock Market for value investing. In the short term rate cut may take Nifty in to range of 8110-8250 but beyond that we do not see nifty sustaining at higher levels if we do get a bump up due to Rate cut then use rise to exit trapped long positions. We believe the worst is not yet over for Global and Indian Economy. We are going to see a 30 year bottom in equity valuations as per my time cycle analysis and it will really be a unbelievable bargain just hang on for a few months and see what prices you get in Indian and Global Stock Markets.

Good Trading To You!