SGX Nifty 20th Nov 2015

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SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures 20th Nov 2015

SGX Nifty Minor Trend continues in oversold territory. SGX Nifty Major Trend is Bullish / Up. Nifty Target for Dec Series is 8600 Spot Nifty Levels Mentioned. Yesterday we had initiated 3rd part buying in Nifty Nov Futures when Nifty Spot price was at 7728 with stop loss of 7719 and today morning we did book profits in 3rd part today around 7785 spot Nifty level and we continue to hold our 2 parts Nifty Nov Futures longs positions for our positional targets of 8600 which we are expecting will come in Nifty Dec series. Once again we are clearly saying that as per our Stock market advice / Nifty Prediction we do not see any significant downside from now on and all panics like the one yesterday should be bought into as overall on the upside Nifty will be rallying about 800 points from here in a small time while the downsides are totally restricted. Please understand that I am not suggesting that Nifty can’t come lower sure it can but we do not see any significant downside and most important is that we do not see price sustaining on the downside hence risk reward ratio which is one of the most important parameters clearly favors buying dips rather than selling the rise. Further the sentiment is extremely bearish and all brokers, HNI’s investors are just so negative about Indian Stock markets for now. (all of them are citing balance sheet problems, low growth problems, FED problems etc ) but as we have said in our previous post few days back that Nifty / Stock Markets / Price movements are leading indicators and not the other way round. Share Market News will always lag and the smart money who make policies or the connected circles have already taken positions well before the news is out in public domain when they start building positions it is evident in price and volume charts so it in simple words price and volume behavior shows us what the informed circle is doing way before the news gets out in the public domain. Hence way to be on top of the markets always we must follow price, volume and time cycle / astro cycles as they will always act as a leading indicator and I once again am saying I frankly do not know what Share Market News will trigger up side but it is clear on the charts smart money is playing and building longs it is clearly evident on Price, Volume charts and Janta on the other hand is short selling the rise which is clearly evident from the open interest positions.

Last week we have clearly mentioned that a critical time cycle support zone is coming up this week which has orbit of influence entire week and till 24th Nov 2015 may be even a few days ahead of 24th Nov 2015 and the sheer powerful correlation of these geocosmic signatures (we call them level 1 reversal geocosmic signatures, only those geocosmic signatures having correlation of over 80 percent to primary cycles only they qualify as level 1 ) now there are almost 4 level one geocosmic signatures and hence we get a 5 star critical reversal time cycle / astro cycle zone so Nifty will make a higher bottom and we have are absolutely clear it will do so once again.

If we look at the price structure that includes Gann wave and Elliot wave both of them are clearly indicating that bottom is almost in place we are awaiting final confirmation on our charts (we already have primary and secondary confirmation which are in place now we are just waiting for final confirmation)

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