SGX Nifty 20th Sept 2016

SGX Nifty

LTP  8,576.00   -128.00   -1.49% High 8,710.00 Low 8,546.50

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty 20th Sept 2016

SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures continued doing some time pass.  As per our analysis we see that there are lot of changes about to take place with respect to astro and time cycles, some of which have already started just a few trading days back.  As per western astrology many planets are now changing their houses.

Jupiter is now in Libra the sign of justice so do expect expansive justice which means that those who have done wrong in the past will be made accountable for it and this will be amplified by the Sun which will also move into Libra on 22nd Sept 2016. Then we have Mercury going direct on 21st Sept 2016 so do expect communications to start getting better if you have had confusion (which we do know many people have even now do expect that confusion to start getting lower and more clarity to emerge in the next few days as Mercury starts picking speed and goes direct) but most of all from a very short term perspective we have a very important astro event on 22nd Sept 2016.
The sun and moon combinations will start creating massive volatility. When we say volatility I just mean what we did see on Friday 16th Sept 2016 was just a poster now we will start seeing the picture in a few trading days. So do expect massive spike up in volatility and during that volatility it will be very important to keep your head cool. Do not get carried away by any move in the markets whatever be the move because you will see sharp volatility.
What exactly to do to maximize gains from that volatility we will keep updating our clients about it but those who are not our clients and are only trading on the basis of this post please read this message very carefully. We have given you a very important message here so read very carefully.  The sun and moon combination is known for sudden change of interest rate policies but in our back testing they have effect which may not be immediate. (When we say change in interest policies we are not referring that a rate hike can happen or may not happen, nor are we referring to the RBI Oct 4th Meeting what we are referring is that sentiment w r t rate cut or rate hike will change. The commentary will change, the outlook will change) Now that we have given you enough understanding of what we see you may do your study on the same.

Silver has been doing very well and we remain bullish on silver. Some very good moves are going to take place but when and where to buy we will update that later to our clients. Crude Oil too I am getting very bullish for the coming time and we will tell you also what to do with crude oil lot of money to be made in crude oil. Rather let me rephrase it lot of easy money to be made in crude oil. (when and what trade to take we will update our clients on the same). Sugar sector we will update later. We know the sector did very well today but detailed update for sugar we will provide later.

Important note. We may do some tactical trading as and when we see it. We may not even update the same here and those tactical trades could be done without me even informing here. If you are not our client and are only trading on the basis of this post you must at all times manage your own risk. We have mentioned our view here and that does not mean that I will provide precise entry and exits. I may choose to do so but please do not expect me to do it out of compulsion.  Lot of critical information has been given in today’s update so please read it carefully many times over as Mercury is going direct do not misinterpret our free website update.

Good Trading To You!

32 thoughts on “SGX Nifty 20th Sept 2016

  1. Forgate any crash dear ones. See all glbal markets. Dow marching for life high. Already warn two days back to exit short Tomorrow our market will open atleast 150 points up

  2. Glen sir told clearly that during retrograde confusion is created see what happens during brexit news was what n impact was different but after 22 a clear sign of bull or bear will emerge news will have direct impact on market that depend upon news on + news market climb n vice versa wait n watch
    M correct glen sir ?

  3. Thanks sir for the update. If I under stand your words correctly you mean to say no rate hike this month by fed but fed pointing towards immediate rate hike. Do you see any surprises from bank of Japan which could impact the world markets?


  4. Thanks for the update Glen.
    What i have understood is Jupiter symbolizes expansion and this expansion will be magnified by Sun. Meaning the upside move will me expanded however the volatility will be high. As you referred to 16 Sep movement, the volatility was high however Nifty still closed in green. DO we see the same movement and no downside sharp move.

  5. Sir, Overbought for short term suggested on Friday maruti and godrej cp both corrected today giving 8000 each per lot. Overbought for short term today are ceat Apollo tyre and century textile whereas short term oversold are jubilant food mindtree wipro justdial and sriram transport. I have done btst in jublfood and SRT and shall short Apollo tyres at 225 to 232 with pyramiding @ 10% in case of adverse trade. RSI 7 is highly overbought in those three scrips weekly and daily. Nifty, after touching SAR will reverse. 21 to 23 September are gann turning points and the highs and lows shall act as stoploss. Sir, please kindly correct me if I m offmark. ThanQ sir

      1. Hello Anwar,

        i think you got it right. Glenn speaks about cancer cure companies like Glenmark and Natco. I dont know which company Glenn is referring to.

  6. Sir,
    The post does not help me understand the nifty trend. It gives idea that there will be huge volatility but should we keep hold of our short position and after volatility subsides the trend will be downward.

  7. Glen sir is refering to an example of 16th September. That day, market moved up by 100 points & gave up all the gains by closing.

    So, he is trying to say, up moves won’t sustain & market will get sold off at highs. Am I right sir?

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