SGX Nifty 21st Sept 2016

SGX Nifty

LTP  8,576.00   -128.00   -1.49% High 8,710.00 Low 8,546.50

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty 21st Sept 2016

SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures was consolidating today before the FED event. There have been many asking us about what FED will do but frankly we do not see that FED will be a game changer people may assign a reason that markets started falling or rising because of the FED statements but in reality the multiple changes occurring will change the trend but do expect a lot of volatility around that change during this trend change it is important to manage your risk if you are not our client and are only trading on the basis of this post.

We do not suggest doing any trading based on this post if you are not going to manage your own risk. Please keep that in mind. What to buy where to buy when to buy or what to sell when to sell where to sell we will tell our clients live during market hours and we may update here free of cost please do not take it for granted that we will tell you everything free of cost here. Please keep that in mind and then only trade please.

As per our analysis we see a sharp rise in volatility in the coming days and sharp price swings can be seen. As regular readers and clients of this website are well aware that Mercury will be going direct shortly and in addition to that Jupiter also has moved to Libra these changes are very important from our cycle analysis point of view. The combination of sun and moon positions will amplify the volatility for a few days so do expect false traps to be created and do expect sudden wild movements on either side.

Sugar has given a massive breakout in the international markets and we have reentered Ugar sugar around 38 mark we maintain our bullish stance on all the stocks that we have recommended in this space. Ugar sugar, Renuka sugar, Bajaj Hind all of them will continue doing very well and we see prices moving much more higher from current prices. The idea will be to buy on dips rather than trying to buy on rise please keep that in mind and do not chase momentum. 

Silver and Crude Oil will also do very well in the coming time and when and where to buy we will update our clients. There could be some volatility there too and only post that volatility is done should we get into buying positions as we see a massive bullish cycle in both of them but still some time is remaining for that to happen. Do not end up buying anywhere and anyhow.

Important note. We may do some tactical trading as and when we see it. We may not even update the same here and those tactical trades could be done without me even informing here. If you are not our client and are only trading on the basis of this post you must at all times manage your own risk. We have mentioned our view here and that does not mean that I will provide precise entry and exits. I may choose to do so but please do not expect me to do it out of compulsion.  Lot of critical information has been given in today’s update with regard to silver and crude oil and also the oncoming trend in Nifty so please read it carefully many times over as Mercury is going direct do not misinterpret our free website update and at all time please manage your own risk. If you make money it is your luck and if you loose money then also it is your luck.  Read update properly and carefully before you decide to trade only on the basis of this post.

Good Trading To You!

214 thoughts on “SGX Nifty 21st Sept 2016

  1. Glen, your statement says trend will change so i presume that the market trend ultimately will change to down side from current uptrend. Have i understood your post correctly?

    1. If anybody bought PE for sep series get out at Nifty 8590/8530. As sir is mentioning of huge volatility, it would be prudent to earn profits in intervals. I think Nifty will get a support at these levels and will not breakdown directly. Use the money earned to short Nifty again on volatile rise for Oct series. Don’t expect a straight sharp downfall. Most optimistic we can see Nifty 7930/8088 in this immediate down move. Happy trading

  2. Hello Sir,

    BIG DOWN TREND SEEN FROM 19/09/2016 TO 24/12/2016,
    LITTLE RED SEEN UP TO 29/09/2016,
    MILD GREEN SEEN FROM 30/09/2016 TO 17/10/2016,
    CLEAR RED SEEN FROM 21/10/2016 TO 24/12/2016,

    Do you agree with it, YES or NO?


      1. Sir,
        My sincere suggestions to you is not to respond the critics with words but by your actions. Remember Sachin Tendulkar, he never used to speak on any of the bowler but used to silence them with his batting. He also used to get out at 0 runs many times but on overall Carrier he is remembered as one of the greatest player. I would suggest you to work on the similar path which we will increase your stature much more in the time to come.


  3. Hello Sir,

    So, the move to start tomorrow morning as per astro and carry on for few days.

    If FED meeting is not the reason for volatile market then do you see any WAR kind of situation or tensions growing for war causing it?

    Did you make any fresh positions?

    Kindly suggest the way forward.


  4. Tomorrow if market trades beyond 8850 get rid of short and enjoy

    Tomorrow if market opens above 8850 then cut the short and enjoy rally upto 8967. cu

      1. Uska 100 point rally toh ek din baad ho gaya, aapki downside rally kab shuru hogi? Ek saal baad? Already 4 mahine late chal rahi hai

  5. Sir this time your prediction might come true. Nifty will take a break in september and resume its journey again in october. I see the collapse from december based on astro and fundamentals. Till Oct nd Nov nifty might move up and down.
    Give your view.

  6. Mr. Mallav, I see 80 percent message about warning that saying do not trade on this write up and 20 percent message is about market predictions…Ha ha…

    Why do you worry too much about critics my dear friend.. Carry on your work. Do not give too much emphasis to say that do not trade based on the blog…It may looses it’s shine if you emphasise too much on that front…

    Then why anyone will come and read your blog if you yourself gives so much warning and precursor that fine details are only for client. Then the very purpose of your basic idea of being in public domain may loose it’s basic purpose.

    Do not take my point as negative. I did not take much time to put my feeling in Al good English. But I feel I am making a constructive point not a destructive point.. If you feel otherwise, I am sorry as this is your blog and your business.


    1. Sir,
      There is a difference between being a critic and some people here who are having just crab mentality. Work is on. Let them trade as per own wishes.

  7. Sir,
    What you said did happen, Janet yellen did signal a year end hike buy market does not seem to be in any mood to go down. I think we hold the opening gains today, we are heading towards new life time high in indian equities. Bear’s chances only remain if selling is seen at higher levels which as of now looks very difficult. Best luck.


  8. Sir with due respect to you, you were making fun of me regarding 150 points upmove. The said upmove came within orbit of two days but what about the collapse you are predicting from last six month which had literally washed
    Out your clients. Forget about collapse nifty will never touch
    8550 mark in next two years its my challenge

    1. Yes Vibhav, you got it partly right. Glen has been making fun of you. This is his blog and he has the supreme right to take firki on anyone he likes – including his paying clients.

      But don’t get carried away (just like Glen gets carried away). 8550 and much lower levels will come much sooner. If you are that confident about your prediction – why challenge Glen? Do your own adventure – sell maximum 8500 naked puts and enjoy the shirt-losing thrill

    2. Vaibhav Ji u were telling nifty will not touch 8550 in next 2 years c it came in 2 days..your challenge threatened in just 2 days

  9. Market remained strong today for the full trading day except a small dip in between. Nifty put premium was killed badly as market closed almost near the high point. Europe market is in high euphoria trading up almost 2 % .
    Not sure what news will trigger sell-off in the market !!!
    Waiting for market to correct.

  10. If Glen still sticks with his sell call then I think he his makiefool of his clients as today it was clear breakout in nifty for yearly targate 10000 plus

    1. We never had a clear breakout yesterday. For Thursday EOD – Check the charts, check the resistances, check the oscillators, check the moving averages. Wednesdays EOD charts clearly showed a highly probable spike up on Thu. But, on Thursday after the opening the mood was not bullish. On Friday this was confirmed. But its not bullish and not bearish either.
      There is a high probability that Monday will see a spike down – whether that will sustain, we will see only on Monday.
      Last two months, the bears were trapped in expiry. This month, the bulls are trapped into expiry week. Even good news might result in a sell-off.

  11. Sir, Astro has been indicating crash like situation in Indian stock market but same is not happening is anything wrong in Astro predictions.

  12. Sir, as per RSI 10 eicher motors and ceat are most highly overbought and shall be trading whole day tomorrow. Other short term overbought are century textile, auropharma around Fibonacci number of 68 to 72, TVs motor. Sir I will be buying hexaware and mindtree on Monday at 3.25 pm as btst as well as 200 glaxo as these are highly oversold daily as well as weekly. Today I have bought hinduja foundry as btst for upper circuits. If time permits will you, Sir, kindly browse through these charts? We can talk passionately about the method I have personally found. ThanQ Sir ji.

  13. What I have to loose it is better you decide because I am waiting another 400 rally for rate cut and then non stop rally to welcome budget No single day vacant for bearishness

  14. Glen,
    another point getting heated now is RBI credit policy. Kindly throw light on this. is there any chance of rate cut, will the market hold upper level till RBI announcement.
    Which news do you see might trigger the crack in market and when this will start. Do you see further room upside?
    How much lower level do you see till oct expiry ?

  15. Sir namaskar
    I believe what u r saying
    But it will take some time.Today nobody believe in your prediction. But time will come they realize, remember your predictions. Sir I am Redding u blog since March.sir keep u good work,help people.

  16. Most of Astro are predicting strong dip between 23 Sept to 29 Sept , 4 Oct to 7 Oct. Huge volatility from 23/09 to 06/10/2016 and clear down trend 07/10/2016 to 21/10/2016. request if you can share in which period nifty can hit hard on downside

  17. Dear sir
    I think this market of Dekhave ki duniya .there is too much overbought position in most of stock.its time to exit.bcoz when ever market shows semterm of buying its time to be coustious.bcoz if trapped in this possition no way to get out .some people forgot that 2008 market.there is nothing in market to get cheered its only checking patience .when down fall starts its no requirement of any news all analyser than put there hands up for that .i really appriciate that sirji not giving any misguide abt trade in there artical.

  18. Sir,

    I m not sure wether market will go down on fed rates news from here on as it has became a trailing indicator from here on and as you say news is always as trailing indicator. Rate cut fall we already saw 10 days back and markets recovered already as no rate cut. If there has to be sudden sharp fall of has to be something surprising to the market. Let’s see how things go. Even time cycle specialist sandy jadeja has given 26 September as important dates to watch for. This time patience had really been tested, good learning for all of us to remain cool headed here when patience are tested. Best luck.



  19. Dear Vaibhav,

    I never advised anyone in the group fearing that it may lead to to and fro chats which will distract the purpose of the blog. I saw your comment that saying Mr Mallav is making fools of everyone. I would like to make a point here.

    Mr Mallav is making his point repeatedly saying that do not trade based on his write up and the expectation of market fall is his view. I do not see anything wrong that if he is standing on his point. He is just standing on his point like you and me standing on our point. Market is combination of bulls and bears my dear friend. If there are no bears who will be there for you to sell when you want buy….. See Many times I did not go by what he predicted and went by own and some time followed. Some times I gained and some times I lost when I followed. but that was my call at the end of the day and I did not blame him or praise him for my gain. or loss because I am not paid client.

    But ” commenting personally saying that he is making fools everyone” do not serve any purpose other than loosing emotions.Emotions are most precious thing in the market I realise over a period of time. I am sorry the readers, Mallav and especially Vaibhav for my long response which has taken your time. ..

  20. Hi Sir,

    When you are taking such positional calls, I think it’s incorrext to give time target .

    Time target are a function of immediate demand and supply that compounds on its self to make rallies or corrections .

    I have followed you for about two years now, and I am seeing a change in your approach,any reasons for this ?

    I am certain you have all the right talent and insight ,but unfortunately it’s not panning out just yet.

    Any views on earnings ?

  21. Nothing is working here..No astro technical..people are fade up.. seems another rollover for you and october will see new high.

    Amazing job..!!

  22. I just read someone views so i thought to share with you…and it is just for reference not for any kind of crticism.

    as a follower and student of Stellar Astrology, which is the very basis of KP Astrology, I do not give much credence to Kaala Sarpa Dosha. For example, from September 05 to 15, Purna Kaala Sarpa is in effect. That means even Moon is inside the Kaala Sarpa Angles. So the Dosha must have been in full effect. But Nifty went up to 8968 from 8809 and on its correction did not even reach the 8534 levels yet.Only by December 10th will Rahu enter Ketu star and Ketu be in Rahu star.That could be a period where the nodes are powerful.And the dosha may prevail. But then the dosha itself fades away by December 28. So are we saying a drastic fall then? I do not know.

    In the path from Leo to Aquarius there are only two nodal stars. Swati in Libra and Moola in Sagittarius.Maybe when planets pass through these stars some effect of Kaala Sarpa Dosha could happen? Even then to fall big, ( I heard projections of 6300 levels) big planets like Jupiter and Saturn must be involved with the nodes. Both these planets are not going to transit in these two stars in the given time till December 28th. So how such drastic falls can happen? Astrologically? It does not seem probable.You can see the truth of what I say if you examine the planetary positions during major tops or bottoms.On the other hand, I see combinations which can push the market much higher in the first quarter of 2017.I had been bullish on the markets since February 2016.

  23. Part 2

    1. Jupiter is in a trine with Ketu, Uranus and with Saturn. It is in a sextile with Rahu.
    2.Saturn is connected with Uranus and Ketu also in a trine.
    But Jupiter is in a water sign and not a fire sign.
    That makes 9119 as not a significant market top and that another one close to it or more than 9119 may materialise.”

  24. Read your last two blog again and again,
    but can’t understand what is direction for nifty ,

    is other than nifty, crude and silver recognised as main trade ..??

  25. the way nifty has been denying the fall is very interesting. gut feeling mixed with astro aspects says that now people have started taking this very nature of nifty for granted and i tell u nifty will bite the dust uptill 8333 before touching new highs. stay short with strict sl of 8959.90 downside targets are opening wide with each passing day. great analysis by our very own glenn sir.
    #only time will tell the genuineness of great great glenn sir.
    #respect dil se. #80047***63

  26. Mr. Mallavv,
    One simple request. Please tell your team not to change the website links posted by the users. A user called Dipesh has posted a link and it has been changed.


  27. Interesting to see replies to blogger’s queries/comments by moderator.(Wish that you see my comments as well.)
    Reader will keep guessing moderator’s reply means what?
    For example, a frequent reply is ‘Possible’. It means dear reader be in suspense, you will not get a clear answer on this blog, until you become my client. This is clearly not a blog for knowledge sharing. Rather, you will be confused, without direction until you are intelligent. Remember there is no Lunch for free. The Aroma of Lunch put in public domain is to attract you to the restaurant.

  28. Hi Jatin,

    Whatever you posted is actually reply to my query. I was also surprised that based on astro analysis only he is predicting big up-move in nifty and bank nifty both. In face, he is saying big move after 1 Oct and 21000+ level in Bank nifty. I did not buy his argument. As of now, i am purely following Glen.

  29. Glen,
    8700 level once again takes support, will it bounce from here for next round of fall? If yes, till what level it can bounce. Or will this be straight down move.

  30. SIRJI,

  31. Hi Sir,
    Nifty at make or break level now. Where do you see nifty in next expiry. Kindly keep your advise open to all at this juncture. Please post your writing.

  32. Today was last day of south journey from tomorrow index will start its northward journey for targate of 9500 upto December end. Forget about astrology and timecycle resistance as it is all nonsense. Only listen to charts and try to understand what clear bullish massage is conveyed to you

  33. Avoid longs. Too much greed talk of 9500 and 10k nifty by Diwali or year end. Almost everyone getting sucked in. Be fearful. Be careful.


  34. Avoid longs. Too much greed talk of 9500 and 10k nifty by Diwali or year end. Almost everyone getting sucked in. Be fearful. Be careful.

    Be with strong stocks only. Or move to cash. Dont be overleveraged. Dont speculate heavily on long side at current juncture. Stay very light.

    NIFTY wkly charts exactly similar to Yesbk and Axis. The way Yes and Axis fell very sharply in 1-2 weeks, same kind of fall pending in Nifty

    Forwaded MSG

  35. Sir your last suggestion Renuka and bajaj hindustan do well sir as per your suggestion I am holding as my cost is above 23+ your advice was Renuka will reach much more higher level you will stick to that suggestion i don’t mind to hold till 1 yr please advice

  36. Dear Glenn,

    i respect your forecasts but this time Nifty is going to be first UP and then DOWN. I too dont know, how much time it will take to first go UP and there lies the difference between a master and a student, iam still a student. As somebody has written previously, Nifty has to cross 9000 or 9100 first and only then the real downward fall will begin.

    Please dont take my comment negatively, kindly continue with your work.


  37. Hi Glen,

    will be any crash on starting of shemitah cycle which some says it is starting from oct .There is no update from you in recent days Hope it will be good if you can do it for atleast once in a week


        1. Lol.. miscalculating shemeta is like miscalculating Diwali date. It’s a very important Jewish festival, it’s celebrating the sabbatical year, every seven years… I suggest we don’t read into such occurances to base our trade .. good luck

  38. Sir is it the war between india and pakistan that will bring equity market down…

    Anyways huge downmove..your prediction has started its journey…great work..sir..all the best

  39. SIr, keep update if we still hold our short position. I am holding on your trust. Keep updated with timeline and levels.Thanks

    1. Manish,
      Keep a watch on 8570/8530 levels on nifty. I think Nifty will hold these levels, will give a bounce back from here. I exited Nifty pe’s at Nifty spot 8600 levels. Will be taking short positions again at higher levels or if 8530 is broken convincingly. Best luck.


  40. Sir,

    As had mentioned earlier by following you, recovered more than 50% f&o loss in today’s trade. In fact could have recovered 100% loss today but that’s fine.
    Do you see any escalation in indo Pak situation or as actual bigger war taking place?


  41. I would really looking forward to read an update from Mr.Glen. Hope all those giving sharp criticism keep quiet for a while, so that he may share his views for the benefit of new entrants like me..

  42. Glen,
    Understood your point. Appreciate your analysis. As i committed, once i book out profitable from my current short position i will join your service for sure. Holding my short position and hoping to recover all my previous loss made between 8000-9000 level short. I am still holding on expectation of small bounce but larger fall atleast til 8200 level in Oct expiry. Lets see.

  43. Since this is an impulsive wave correction, i would advise to start exiting your shorts between the potential zone 8650-8450….and… looking at the wave structure…..creating a buy position will be best in zone of 8580 +/-
    30 points….i.e., 8550-8610 should be a good buying zone for final target of WAVE 5 in zone of 9150-9550 for the next 2 to 3 months.

  44. Hi sir
    Am very small investor and holded Renuka, bajaj Hind and Ugar, based on reading of this blog.
    If I sell shares tomorrow or coming day…will earn some handsome profit…
    I wish to ask you one doubt…if possible pls ans…
    Today mkt fall 153 points intra day fall 180 points. Sugar stock fall drastically.. Renuka touched 12.90, 20% lower circuit…
    As you said mkt will touch 6000 level in coming days…still sugar stock perform well ???? Pls ans if possible…
    Being small investor can I sell shares n earn profit..and will reenter at 6000 level.
    Pls ans in good lot of small investor reading this blog and expecting your judgment on sugar stocks.


  45. DOW -250….. whats the reason?? Blame it on India Pak… Jokers.

    NIFTY Weekly- RSI & ROC Study
    Price channel breakdown. RSI breakdown. ROC after long LH, LL and consolidation breakdown.

    NIFTY SPOT Weekly- Multiple bottoms at 8510-8540. Once closes below 8500 next stop is only at 8200-7800. Bulls can go on vacation below 8500

    Bulls on TV-
    10% correction is normal
    100DMA at 8410 next major support (now forgotten 50DMA so long talked)
    Its still buy on dips market

    I guess 8430/8460 will be seen. There we will see how markets react.
    But overall im not very bullish near term. Reduce fully before Diwali.

    Markets dont like uncertainty. FIIs dont like terror attacks/war like situation, given other global risks & uncertainty. Unlikely to recover.

    The screen isn’t looking good and the nifty weekly charts. Infact this looks like beginning of bigger decline. Be objective & not hopeful.

    $DB Game Over. And good night folks.

  46. DOW -250….. whats the reason?? Blame it on India Pak… Jokers.

    NIFTY Weekly- RSI & ROC Study
    Price channel breakdown. RSI breakdown. ROC after long LH, LL and consolidation breakdown.

    NIFTY SPOT Weekly- Multiple bottoms at 8510-8540. Once closes below 8500 next stop is only at 8200-7800. Bulls can go on vacation below 8500

    Bulls on TV-
    10% correction is normal
    100DMA at 8410 next major support (now forgotten 50DMA so long talked)
    Its still buy on dips market

    I guess 8430/8460 will be seen. There we will see how markets react.
    But overall im not very bullish near term. Reduce fully before Diwali.

    Markets dont like uncertainty. FIIs dont like terror attacks/war like situation, given other global risks & uncertainty. Unlikely to recover.

    The screen isn’t looking good and the nifty weekly charts. Infact this looks like beginning of bigger decline. Be objective & not hopeful.

    Use bounce to exit. Sell rallies. Move to cash. Reduce Futurs long positions. Be careful at these levels. This is not usual panic buy oppty.

    $DB Game Over. And good night folks.

  47. Sir,

    I was going through the Q1 results of few banks especially PSU banks and the Q1 results are far better compared to previous quarter i.e. Q4 Do you still stand by your words that worst time in terms of NPA is still pending for the banking sector?


  48. Sir,
    I was going again through your few posts of Feb-Mar 2016, in one of the post you mentioned Sep-Dec 2016 to be one of the fastest downside cycle. Also in recent one of the post you mentioned min 6500 in Dec 2016.Nifty did show signs of reversal in Sep but in every correction it still looks massive buying coming at lower levels like everyone was expecting Markets was heading lower (i exited PE’s at Nifty spot 8600 on Thursday itself) on Friday but it did not and looks like we will hit 8670/8750 in next couple of days again. So do you still stick to Dec targets of 6300/5800 or you think there might be some delay in occurrence of those targets?


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