SGX Nifty 30th Oct 2015

SGX Nifty


Index Last High Low
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SGX Nifty / SGX Nifty Live / Share Market Tips for 30th Oct 2015

SGX Nifty today opened lower. SGX Nifty Live Price indicates minor pullback is likely. Share Market Tips / Advise is to Buy on dips at appropriate levels. Nifty 50 today kept sliding lower on weak global cues and finally Nifty 50 ended the day lower at 8111 down 59 points. As per our Stock Market analysis / Nifty Prediction currently we are seeing a pullback of the move of 7691-8338 (which started on 29th Sept 2015) and will end in the next few trading days and then again a upward / bullish move will begin. We are not in the camp which feels that Nifty is headed for 7400-7200 in this current round. For some traders who know basic of technical analysis that should be very obvious as Nifty Charts have amply and clearly indicated that, you do not need to know Elliot wave or Gann wave to understand that. Be patient and wait for appropriate levels on the downside for Buying. We do not see any significant correction in the Indian Stock Markets for now (another 250-350 points from here is possible but we do not count 250-350 points fall from current prices as significant. Overall Traders and investors will be rewarded handsomely for buying lower at appropriate points. (Details of When to Buy, What to Buy and how much to Buy have been given to clients). I know there are lots of traders and investors who are not our clients but read this post daily and then have already started building long positions after we mentioned in our post yesterday that we have booked profits in shorts built between 8290-8338. If you have entered into longs please use proper risk management systems and trade. It will not pay to second guess this market.

SGX Nifty Minor Trend is down. SGX Nifty Major Trend is up. Nifty support and resistance for tomorrow is at 8025 and 8225. Overall volumes are lower and Nifty continues to be very sluggish. (Nifty 50 spot levels mentioned)


USDINR continued its pullback today. USDINR closed the day higher at 65.29 and we have clearly been recommending to remain hedged till 65.70-66 spot prices is not achieved. We are very clear that longer term 72-70 will come and before that one more round of pullback will come towards 63/62.50. Our impex clients have been already alerted as to what is to be done for short to medium term. All details have been given to them via what’s app.

Yes Bank Update

Yes Banks results were above our estimates and they did beat the streets expectations. Longer term we are not bullish on Banking Sector from these valuations as we clearly seen longer term completion from wallets to all listed banking stocks. Also the slowdown in the economy is going to ensure higher NPA’s and worsening of asset quality not only for Axis Bank or Icici Bank it will be across the sector both private sector banks and public sector banks. Most of the Brokers are consistently been saying we HOPE results next time will be better. We expect growth to pick up. We see green shoots. We are at the bottom of the cycle. Please see the archives on any of the major websites and this is the same story being repeated by all these brokers and that’s because their bread and butter will go away if they tell you or rather admit that yes we are in a big mess. The economy is in a mess. BIG mess and we don’t see any traction in the near future. Anyways I will update more on baking mess sometime later.

Sugar Sector Update

Buy and Hold Bajaj Hindustan, Renuka Sugar and EID Parry on dips. We once again predict that sugar sector will have to be decontrolled. There is no other way out and what happened to IOC, BPCL and HPCL will also happen to the sugar sector. In addition to that Raw sugar prices will blast on the upside. Petrol will have ethanol blending of min 25 percent. Many more triggers will come. Whatever could go wrong in sugar sector has gone wrong and that’s why you are getting the stocks so cheap. Buy and hold.

Financial Astrology / Astro Cycle Update

Tomorrow 30th Oct 2015 Sun Trines Neptune. This geocosmic signature has one of the highest probabilities of changing / reversing the trend in a orbit of 7-10 trading days. Looking at the primary cycle we feel Nifty will make a classic higher bottom and then continue its advance higher. More details will be updated directly to clients.

SGX Nifty Futures / SGX Nifty Charts / SGX Nifty Live updates are given below for ready reference.

Good Trading To You!

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