SGX Nifty 6th Sept 2016

SGX Nifty

LTP  8,576.00   -128.00   -1.49% High 8,710.00 Low 8,546.50

SGX Nifty

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SGX Nifty 6th Sept 2016



SGX Nifty / Nifty Futures yesterday was seen higher and post our markets closing there was a weak US Jobs data that was released. Global Stock Market and commodities started rallying and all assets like Gold, Silver, Crude and Stocks were higher though US markets did come off the highs during the day.

As per our analysis of the current wave and astro cycle combined we maintain our overall view but at the very same time please keep in mind that we could do some tactical trading like we did at 8550-8570 area.

We covered our shorts as we did see some rally coming in Nifty Futures and we will add shorts again as and when we see the current move ending or we may also look at a partial hedge while adding shorts again which we covered at lower area but that does not mean that our longer term outlook has changed for the Indian stock markets. Longer term we stand by as to what we have predicted and we still see a collapse in the coming time but if we see a pullback of 200-300 points or may be a bit more than 300 points also in between the be rest assured that with a favorable risk reward ratio or small stop loss point area  we will exit and reenter the short trade or we may even exit our shorts and buy longs for that 200-300 points move and then once again reenter shorts post that pullback is over.
When we do such tactical trades we may update it free on the website or we may choose not to. Once again we reiterate that if you are trading only on the basis of this post please use your risk management system. I have a proven track record but that does not mean I will go right all the time, many trades in the past have been spot on and lot of money has been made in multiple trades in Nifty and other instruments also.  What we are writing here is our view and this has to be understood. We are not guiding here for a trading point of view with precise levels and entry and exit points nor does it mean that I will update here free what I did during the trading day that information is reserved for my clients but if deemed fit we will write that information here and also understand that I am not duty bound to the readers of this update to mention and update whatever we have traded during that particular day. In our last update we had mentioned that there will be a false breakout.  If you read carefully there was a false breakdown of a hourly trend channel that Nifty was trading for the month of Aug and that is what we had meant.  We did not mean anything more than that so please do not make any interpretations. If regular non client readers did not understand that communication then I am sorry as please do not expect me to write everything in black and white and in a crystal clear manner free of cost here.

Sugar stocks will continue to do well and we see festive demand taking sugar prices much higher from current levels. Watch the level of 21.21$ in US sugar the day the breakout takes place sugar stocks will be on fire from that day and move to much more higher levels.  USDINR we see moving eventually towards 70 and may be even 72.

Good Trading To You!


295 thoughts on “SGX Nifty 6th Sept 2016

  1. Glen Sir, Thank for you that trade. As you know I have been trading with you since past one year and with your valuable guidance have always made money. Your tactical trade was good waiting for further instructions.

  2. Thank you Glen Sir once again. You are getting back to full form. Very confident that you will resume your perfection trades soon. God Bless

  3. Glen Sir good to hear that things back home are better now. Once again thank you for massive profits in Tata Coffee, Ugar Sugar, MSL. Thanks to you guidance had booked profits in portfolio last year at 8900 and bought back shares around 7200 levels which we again booked at 8000 levels. This itself is great for me. The amount of money I made in this churning itself is great. Your multi bagger calls rock. Waiting for more such trades from you soon. God Bless.

      1. 1) All the Corporate FCNRBs r paid from 21st sept to a 26th sept…….. 2016…… 2) $s for flying abroad r booked already……. 3) Only Cash withdrawal by the biggies is pending. 4) Money for advance tax is due on 15th Sept..2016. 5) quarterly profits r to r to be reported in the books of Corporates biggies, having their ownership in Mutual Funds arms……. 6) NO body shows inflated Shares holding in their books………. But real Cash earning on Bloated equities is to be shown. Money is flowing out of the Equities. Like it or do not like it…. 7) Pledged Shares of Corporates, has to be paid back to Bank now………. So money is bound to be pulled out…..Even Banks will not wait for seeking their money back, for a earnings reporting……..

        1. This is what happens. When Glen Sir said no change in view, you misinterpret it by saying finally something has changed. Please read carefully.

  4. Perfect trading in Msl, Ugar sugar, Tata Coffee. Great call on crude oil and silver too. In FEB you had clearly written 8800 Target when Nifty was at 7000. No one thought you made any sense but today it is proved this prediction itself shows your class and caliber. Does not matter if we could not make money in the last part of the rally. I am very confident that I am with the right person to guide me in the complex markets and I understand that no one will go 100% right. Keep up the great predictions and as always all your predictions have always come true some may have taken a bit more time but each and every prediction of yours has always been spot on. Your inflation prediction also is perfect. God Bless and waiting to add positions as per your guidance.

  5. Now Bears thinking of Long trade ,
    oct will be correction month maybe,

    Don’t take long call , when bears try to take long,
    Market will not allow exit , patience may be good.

  6. Dear Glen,

    You have been my most reliable guide for the past 3 years when it comes to stock markets. Top class recommendations by you which among others include Tata Coffee (entered at 86), Renuka (entered at 9), Bajaj hind (entered at 14), Tata Chemicals (entered at 342), Eid Parry (entered at 145) & MSL (entered at 1120), have helped me make awesome profits. I must mention that not one of your recommendations have proven wrong for me and I have absolutely no doubts on the precision of your future predictions. Thank You so much for all your guidance in this extremely complex market. I am looking forward to many more profitable trades in times to come. God Bless and keep up the good work of imparting your knowledge to others through this blog.

  7. hello sir thanks for updation. for blog readers thats enough. but one querry n plz rpl after the false breakout collapse will coming in few days or few weeks.

    1. Bhai, Bulls carnage will continue till the end of this year…if you still thinking that this that and anything can happen you will be deserted for ever as most of this blog reader facing same problem….please come out from the fear…you people are made to fear…

      1. NIFTY 51 Closing Prices as on 3rd September 2016
        Gains made so far Presume Corrections
        ScripCode  LTP  Yearly Gains % 5% 10%
        HINDALCO 157.25 98.45 167.43 149.39 141.53
        YESBANK 1388.35 756.80 119.83 1,318.93 1,249.52
        TATAMOTORS 549.85 284.05 106.87 522.36 494.87
        TATASTEEL 374.2 174.50 87.38 355.49 336.78
        SBIN 254.6 106.35 71.74 241.87 229.14
        AXISBANK 599.2 232.45 63.38 569.24 539.28
        MARUTI 5160.45 1,967.20 61.60 4,902.43 4,644.41
        BPCL 586.75 221.17 60.50 557.41 528.08
        ADANIPORTS 268.2 99.05 58.56 254.79 241.38
        HEROMOTOCO 3577.7 1,320.50 58.50 3,398.82 3,219.93
        ULTRACEMCO 4085.35 1,506.35 58.41 3,881.08 3,676.82
        EICHERMOT 22817 8,017.00 54.17 21,676.15 20,535.30
        BOSCHLTD 24010.85 8,274.80 52.58 22,810.31 21,609.77
        POWERGRID 183.8 63.25 52.47 174.61 165.42
        ZEETEL 533.45 183.35 52.37 506.78 480.11
        BANKBARODA 166.35 57.00 52.13 158.03 149.72
        BHEL 136.1 45.95 50.97 129.30 122.49
        ASIANPAINT 1167.55 389.55 50.07 1,109.17 1,050.80
        AMBUJACEM 276.35 91.35 49.38 262.53 248.72
        INDUSINDBK 1192.15 393.15 49.21 1,132.54 1,072.94
        LT 1505.05 489.00 48.13 1,429.80 1,354.55
        ITC 262.9 84.14 47.07 249.76 236.61
        GAIL 395.75 123.75 45.50 375.96 356.18
        ICICIBANK 261.3 80.55 44.56 248.24 235.17
        TATAPOWER 79 24.00 43.64 75.05 71.10
        GRASIM 4613.1 1,380.10 42.69 4,382.45 4,151.79
        NTPC 160 47.60 42.35 152.00 144.00
        HDFC 1439.15 427.70 42.29 1,367.19 1,295.24
        ACC 1669.55 495.55 42.21 1,586.07 1,502.60
        KOTAKBANK 813.6 227.85 38.90 772.92 732.24
        HDFCBANK 1285.1 357.10 38.48 1,220.85 1,156.59
        BAJAJ-AUTO 2998.05 826.10 38.03 2,848.15 2,698.25
        M&M 1473.6 382.35 35.04 1,399.92 1,326.24
        AUROPHARMA 779.6 197.60 33.95 740.62 701.64
        ONGC 238.75 51.00 27.16 226.81 214.88
        CIPLA 577.95 120.50 26.34 549.05 520.16
        RELIANCE 1013.35 188.25 22.82 962.68 912.02
        COALINDIA 332.3 60.65 22.33 315.69 299.07
        HINDUNILVR 920.75 154.35 20.14 874.71 828.68
        TCS 2514.8 399.80 18.90 2,389.06 2,263.32
        LUPIN 1518.05 238.05 18.60 1,442.15 1,366.25
        TECHM 471.85 64.45 15.82 448.26 424.67
        INFRATEL 343.7 42.20 14.00 326.52 309.33
        DRREDDY 3123.05 373.00 13.56 2,966.90 2,810.75
        BHARTIARTL 318.9 36.60 12.96 302.96 287.01
        SUNPHARMA 782.35 78.35 11.13 743.23 704.12
        HCLTECH 784.55 78.15 11.06 745.32 706.10
        IDEA 84.45 3.85 4.78 80.23 76.01
        INFY 1031.85 22.75 2.25 980.26 928.67
        WIPRO 483.6 6.50 1.36 459.42 435.24
        TATAMTRDVR 351.9

  8. i have ask u few weeks ago that u beleive nifty at 7800 in oct. u say much below that. do u still intact with same target inspite of false breakout

  9. You made a JOKE out of your blog followers and supporters. Luckily I escaped this time. YOU HAVE CONFIRMED in the last 2 posts that the ONLY ONLY reason you write this blog is to make people join you. And you make sure that the ones who do not join are made to lose! GREAT WORK GLEN!

    I know you will say “I am not doing charity”. I run a biz too man. But there is a difference between ethical and unethical business practices. And yours are evil unethical biz practices.

    Today on this auspicious day, I will pray to Ganesha that people like you pay for your deeds (with huge interest).

    P.S: I am not expecting your reply, please spare the long copy paste replies

    1. 1) Your contention that only reason I write this post for people to join me is misleading and false. If that were true then why would I have mentioned trades like MSL, Ugar sugar, Renuka, Sugar sector, crude oil and so many other trades for free?
      2) What is the evil thing did I do? I did not update one tactical trade is that evil? All other trades and view what we have done is available free.

    2. My friend Samir, I dont think spending your time by writing sarcastic comments will help you in any case… Understand that nobody in this world has put a gun on your head and asked you to execute the trade. If you are not using the risk management properly, its no one’s fault. I agree this time there has been a mis-management of time that has happened, but for one wrong move you can’t jeopardize the rest of the trades/advice given. You know that how many people are there in this industry who are just there to cheat people and gives false trade… people don’t complaint there because they don’t have open forum where you can comment…. here you have that liberty so you are abusing it… its not fair.

    3. Firstly on what basis did the so called followers enter the trade? It was on the basis of this post. If you entered on the basis of this post then you should have managed your own risk but you did not keep your own risk management and now you are blaming Glen Sir. I do not think you must blame Glen Sir for your mistake of not managing your risk. Does ethical advice means write everything free of cost daily on his website? Does it mean that if sir does any trade it must be updated on website? I do not think so. Due to his deeds and analysis people have made a lot of money over time and I am confident that in future also people will keep making great money following him. It is his good will that he mentioned multi baggers like ugar msl Tata coffee Renuka free of cost on this very website. It is due to his nature to help people he has been giving free advice here but that does not mean he will keep doing that forever. May be he still does but in the short term he may not write everything free and due to that you start blaming him. Today is last day of paryushan and I pray to almighty that people like you should first understand and seek to be understood. Michhami Dukkadam

    4. Glen Sir’s recent free predictions on . On 10th Aug told “Crude Oil will be starting a bullish cycle in the next few days and we can see the price heading significantly higher from here” From Low of 41 crude high made 48 Free advice written. On 18th July he wrote ” Silver will be giving us a good trading opportunity in the coming days keep a watch on silver” From June he has been saying to aggressively buy silver and silver is up from 33/34 to 46 now. so many multi bagger calls given free. Yet you blame him. This is not correct. Please appreciate the free information and do not criticize him for not updating his website. He has no obligation to do so. He can write when he wants to or abstain from writing when he feels like.

  10. Glen,

    You had mentioned breakout however market actually took the breakdown. I mean the move above 8720 could be false breakout and that is what you meant in your earlier post actually and also mentioned that intraday 8800 could touch. You have changed your mind with reference to collapse to long term view now which you were expecting in next few days since last few months. Totally confusing update on your part. Now you talking of bracket trading where in you could trade in both upside and down side direction either long or short. So your post does not give exact direction prediction for market. Those who are already stuck in short will have no option to exit at this stage now. You are too late now to accept the long side direction and now accepted that may be more 200-300 points upside or downside now. I seriously urge the readers not to enter long at this stage now either stay aside or if someone already in short position, hold on with patience and look for exit at the appropriate down move.

    1. 1) As per our analysis of the current wave and astro cycle combined we maintain our overall view
      2) The divergences which we see are forming on the charts suggest that this range is about to breakout but in whatever direction it breaks out is not important as that initial direction will be a false breakout so please keep that in mind. This is what we mentioned in our 23rd Aug Update
      3) I have exited shorts around 8550-8570 spot Nifty area and we will once again add shorts when we see the topping area.
      4) I have not suggested any long trades at this juncture but at the same time if we see a clear pullback then we will take tactical trades form time to time

  11. seems nifty forming irregular nifty must go above 9120 followed by low below 6800..but 6300-5850 doesn’t seem by DEC 2016..will you agree Glen?

  12. Do not get the credit of uger auger or msl all stock going up you are saying nifty collapse last more than four month who will purchase uger or msl your main nifty making every day new high all money is in nifty

  13. Today sgx very bullish. Probably false breakout. Everyone is bullish. Blackhole type, sucking everyone in. RSI 2 is highly overbought for banknifty and esp. Yes Bank & bajajfinance IGL biocon etc. Time to be cautious and not be carried away. Will the entire market touch E65 & E89?

  14. From my view either of the one person can go correct ie one who is bullish or one who is bearish. People who are bullish are enjoying the ride, but long term (or may be short term ) view I don’t find the reason for market to rally. Till what extent will the market rally. I don’t find Mr. Glens view is wrong, it’s only a matter of time. Once market reverses I don’t know what will people who are bullish will do. I would like to hear from Mr. Samir how much did he earn when market will correct or crash. Don’t ever underestimate someone. Giving calls is Glen’s work and following his view is someone’s individual decision. In my experience I have never seen people so perfect in entry and exit of either script or nifty. Only time will speak. Till then let’s wait calmly.

  15. I also respect Glen and his view. In fact i had been following him since a year now. I do wait for him to update the blog and go through daily basis after market hour. It helps me to make future trades. However, last few months had been adverse. I will keep him following and if the need of time be i will also join his service. I do made losses whenever i took trades on the view however these are my personal decision so i dont blame anyone. I am only surprised on why suddenly his view and preciseness not working any more. Hope in future , all is well.

      1. Thanks sir, will add one more short position as this situation exactly similar to one predicted in Feb 2016.


        1. Added one PE lot for oct at critical level of Nifty 8960. Will be holding with sl. If Nifty crosses 8990 will cover it. I think we are standing at the most crucial level now. 8960-8990 stiff resistance, if broken we will see new high else we will reverse from here on.


  16. Dear Mallav, Have you seen the a bank nifty ? In the month of June when I was saying positive, You are massive massive bearish. . See the price now…Of course I did not go by your trades even though I am regularly visiting your blog. As some one in the blog said that no one put gun at our head and asked to trade based on your writing… One thing I can observe from last three months…you are unable to see the practicality and just sticking to charts and astro. My dear friend there will be lot in the life to be looked into beyond the charts and astro. Please realise.. Now after reaching another 300 points market may fall or definitely fall..Then you will write claiming that when the whole world was positive but you stick to your negative view and succeed. But what’s is the use..The damage was already happened to your clients and as well as your readers.. I am not writing this just to criticise your analysis or views..just advising you to take care in the future so that you will flourish much more in the life..

  17. Hi Glen:

    I must start off by congratulating you. It appears that you are finally doing what you should have done in the first place, namely trading. I am sure this small modification in strategy will pay handsome dividends in time to come.

    While, understandably you have misunderstood my intentions in the past, my objective was clear, to wring out the best of any tool or advice I can get, one of the very many was this blog. That being said enough has been said and done about the past, let hope we make some $$$.



    1. James, I have been reading your comments for the past few months.
      Please do not misunderstand Glen. He is knowledgeable and experienced – I like what he writes and his logic. In short he is good in theory.

      He has gone against his own knowledge. And he has been humbled by the markets and his follower-turned-critics. But humility doesn’t last long when the seed is arrogance. What do you call a person who jumps off a high-rise building knowing it is a high rise and only few safety features? Not stupid, but an insane adventurer. If he jumps himself, he is seeking adventure – but when he makes others jump in the same way, he is seeking disaster

  18. Glen sir has deceived many clients,blog readers from banks look at axis bank 633 glenbhai you have told 251 dont even think of buying axis bank. come on what a study rethink on your study work and post on blog plz. you are misleading many inverstors.

    1. 1) I have been bearish on banks since march 2015
      2) The levels in march 2015 for Axis Bank were around 600 then. We initiated a short call at 540 and booked around 380.
      3) We recommended to move money from banks to fixed income first in March 2015 and then recommended to move money to sugar by aug 2015. Even if the investor moved to fixed income then price today post tax is still around the same price without the headache of volatility.
      4) We track the banking sector and axis bank results have not been to our expectations. Even though the price has been rallying but that does not change over fundamental outlook for banking sector. Further problems are expected in the near term in banks which includes axis bank.
      5) If the investor moved to sugar from banks still lot of more money has been made than just holding on to Axis Bank which is still flat on Y on Y return.
      6) We retain our advice for banking sector which is avoid. The kind of valuations they are nearing we may change our stance to short sell in some banks.
      7) You contention that we are misleading investors is totally baseless and false. We have recommended many good investment idea’s here free of cost.Some of which include Tata Coffee Initiated at 81 and booked at 132 (Return of 63%). Ugar Sugar Initiated at 22 and booked 50 percent at 70 (210% return) MSL, Renuka, Bajaj Hind also have done well as far as investments go.
      8) W R T Investments we buy where there is value not momentum. I do not find any value in Axis Bank or any of the banks.
      9) Further there is no compulsion for you to follow me. I am writing as to what I see and feel about the market. You may please take your own independent view and trade accordingly.

  19. What happen to your p.e ratio,you said no money will be made buying longs people have made super money in longs how much u made on shorts?plz wating fr ur reply.crash?now toh obiously market may come down some day.

    1. 1) Sir the reference was w r t investment not trading.
      2) I maintain that levels of above 8250 did not have any value. Yes markets have rallied but that does not change the valuation outlook which to us still remains expensive.
      3) W R T investments we buy and recommend value not momentum.

  20. I do not understand why some of the blog writers are blaming Mr. Glen, since he had already predicted the tgt of Nifty around 8800 – 9000 by August ’16 in last week of Feb ’16 ? Now, I am sure, trend reversal is imminent any moment, maybe by tomorrow/day after tomorrow. As per the wave count, the last leg of nifty tgt within 8950 to 8975. Valuation is already stretched. Under no circumstances, nifty will go beyond 9000. Mr. Glen – if I am wrong, please correct me.

    1. Yes, he predicted correctly – but we blame him for not having the discipline to follow his own theories (Don’t worry, all traders go that route). We blame him for the “more or less done” attitude. Obviously he has great skills, but he choses not to use those.

      Markets are likely to come down drastically since we have expanded the range too much. There are only 2 routes after today’s rally – one is towards 9200+ and the other is down to 8600. If we go by the valuations stretch – it is obviously going to go down. I won’t say 6800 levels, but charts suggest somewhere back to 8600 by mid next week.

      However, another thing to be observed is the strengthening of INR vs USD during the last two rallies. I don’t know what that means, it could be a sign of bigger problem in the US economy and/or huge FII inflows.

  21. Nifty has reached 8943, as it croses 8751 with volume it’s next target would be 9129 by 10th October.

    Even though Mr Glen view are completely correct but market behaviour is totally different.

    It seems that from tommorrow onwards nifty will flirt with both bulls and bears.

  22. Dear Sir,
    I am thankful to you for your wonderful study of Indian Stock Market. One of my friends is expecting nifty around 10000 in next 6 months. Please share your views. I am awaiting for your real guidance.

  23. Sir, bina karan teji followed by karan wali mandi. Market highly overbought and majority of analysts and blue channel people advise clients to buy even at higher levels. If you buy and by chance are successful , well that’s luck, whereas if u r stuck with the positions and market does not move = your fate. Today I m cautious in IGL Srf biocon yes bank axisbank hdfc both Bajajfin, havell godrej Ind petronet marico hh voltas. Positional shorts in these with pyramiding every 10% rise will fetch me handsome returns when market reverses. Banknifty and nifty are superest overbought with ohoho six rising windows to be filled on way down. Kem baki?

  24. This blog may be updated once in a week to reduce unnecessary noises.
    This blog publishes information on medium term and long term. Short term / immediate short term updates only require daily updates.

  25. Hi Sir,

    I have been reading your post where you have been highlighting a strong confluence of astro and market set up that could prompt a big correction. Could you throw more light on the astro aspect. I am given to understand that there is a Mars transit later this month, followed up a Saturn transit in Jan as per Vedic astro. Would these transits change the astro sentiment that you have been working with?

  26. Hi Mallavv,

    Thanks for the update. About 200 point move we have already seen.

    Do you see a pause here or reversal from here?

    Do you still maintain 6500 level by Dec 2016?

    Thanks in advance sir.


  27. Mercury which is in retrograde motion will be fallen state on 9/9/2016 followed by eclipse on 16/09/2016. Whenever Venus and mercury come together or any one is retro have produce strong dip or crash. Can same be seen between 9/9 to 04/10. Your views

  28. Nifty failed to cross 8950 resistance level. What next, Glen. Are your tactical trades over in upside 150 approx points move or still more to go on upside ? Or should we hold on to short and correction should start very soon. Chances of Fed hike reduced and market still rallying globally. Where is the trick for market collapse? Keep helping with your suggestion , many are stuck in short side.

  29. Sir, market is snailing treacherously ahead to suck in gullible investors. Surely someone will be holding the last pillow of HAHK so better to be on shorts marvellous opportunity created by the froth. Yesterday I had for shorts in igl yes hdfc both kotakbank etc. Splendid opportunity exist in shorting following ::: I will be shorting banknifty ( probably first tgt at 20082.05) icici tgt 271.25, maruti tgt 5209.95 telco tgt 558.65 and mtrdvr tgt 354.10 jisl tgt 91.65 and ap.tyres tgt 197.60.I personally believe that shorting opportunities do exist in heated counters like biocon dhfl cesc relcap srf mmfin beml Cummins ITC vedl federal Bank kotakbank tatachem yes ceat-around l066 to 1082 and I will definitely trade shorts in banknifty. Ohoho. Kem baki

  30. glen sir your time starts now and from thursday onwards mkt will do nothing but fall n fall.n it will be a tighter slap on faces of your critics mark my words sir. god bless u.

  31. Sir, I respect your view on market but
    1) don’t you think you should exit your shorts in market as in you should start selling when nifty will start its down phase. Nifty is not in mood to listen to anyone. Single seller will be thrown out of market in such way that they will be left with nothing.
    2) Again i urge you to save people who has shorted nifty. I agree you have given huge profit in market but what about people who has joined you in April,May , June. There capital must have eroded completely.

  32. I think nifty is going to make new high before any kind of reversal that’s why Glen is not giving his view or May be he has changed his view from short sell to buy and hold.
    Lets see market wud do what it wants to do

      1. I think whats important is the right direction forward, past views have no consequence on the way forward. I think Mr. Glen will guide us correctly, long or short.

        Market environments change and with that ones view must also. There is no point being short in a bull market anticipating a bear market and visa-versa. Lets hope to focus on the present and immediate future and make good trades.

        Glen Sir, if possible please do share with us your astro view, I am intrigued by this concept.


  33. I personally believe that banknifty will correct towards 20090. Canbk will correct on rise. Maruti is also overbought. Nifty is showing third Elliott wave and may correct in near future. Anyway, TCS and mindtree are oversold

  34. Dear friends,
    You will be lucky to see my post if Glen is true honest does not delete/modify it. His Blog is a perfect honey trap to catch investors specially who have no/half baked knowledge of stock market.Glen is a man of controversy and I will prove why. He gives cash calls in public domain because the more the people invest, the higher the market price will go up benefiting his clients. Secondly, he gives you half baked information on Nifty so that first timers get influenced from his confident language.But the moment you ask a question, his reply is ‘details to client’. In his 8250 level shorting glitch, his clients exited at a loss of 500 points x 8 lots of nifty. The truth is that from May’16 to Sep’16 end, every day, he never let his client exit from their short positions and asked them to close positions only at the September series closing.If I predict to you all that Nifty will go to 11000 and keep shifting my timelines till it hits, what happens? It is like saying one day 3rd world war will happen sooner. It is oppurtunity lost, time lost, cost of investment lost, M to M lost and finally what will you trade with if your margins are erased.What will Glen lose?- Nothing. In his last Glitch, his clients were stuck for 5 months and investment oppurtunity was lost.He will not answer your questions to the point. He will give misleading answers. If he continues like this, he will lose many clients as he has lost many by now, by the grace of Ganesha as somebody rightly said. So he generates interest in blog readers and compels them to join by saying ‘Details to client’. In fact he does not give any special information to client. I am only telling the facts and am confident, Glen will not publish my blog because he does not have guts to publish the truth.

    1. 1) The moderator of this website does not edit post, unless they are abusive. There are enough people who criticize me here and yet those comments are in the public domain.
      2) Your contention that my blog is a “perfect honey trap” is absolutely baseless, false and figment of your imagination.
      3) Your contention that “He gives cash calls in public domain because the more the people invest, the higher the market price will go up” is utterly baseless. All the cash calls given are based out of sound fundamentals further if you feel that by anyone giving cash calls free and hence the price will go up is wrong. Even assuming that if people buy and the price moves up it could happen for a few minutes at best. Cash calls like Tata Coffee moved up from 81 to 132 (where we exited) because it has the fundamental basis of coffee prices moving up. When I was issuing buying call in Tata coffee it was at 52 week low and at that time when we initiated buying at 81 there were people like you who accused me saying that I wanted to exit the stock and hence was giving a buy call.
      4) Same goes w r t to calls like MSL (debt free company, good dividend track record, Bajaj group management and possible merger with Bajaj Finance) This was the rational for giving MSL buy and by people like you buying or selling the stock will not affect its pricing. Price discovery is a market driven thing and in my experience it never can be manipulated. Ugar sugar (has one of the highest stock pile of sugar, sugar cycle has turned up, decontrol of sugar sector). Similarly we asked our clients to buy Kesoram (got in at 81 got out at 122) and we mentioned when we booked also. Same goes with NMDC (got in at 78-89, got 10% dividend and got out at 103). Even the exits were mentioned. I hope this settles the first part of your allegation which itself is nothing but frivolous.
      5) With regard to your contention that “he gives you half baked information on Nifty” Sir I am not running a charitable trust here. If I give you all information free of cost then it is grave injustice to my paid clients. Further we have still given enough information on trend of Nifty which is itself something that no one provides in the Indian market for free. We further provided critical information for free when Nifty was at 9119 saying that Nifty headed lower for 7961, Further we clearly stated at multiple occasions when Nifty was at 7000 that we will see 8250 and I do not understand how is that “half baked information on Nifty”. It is a matter of record that full proper information has been provided with regard to the trend and targets. In fact we even went ahead and mentioned the time lines which we published in public domain on this very website. You may please refer the same by going through our previous post on the website.
      6) If you want detailed explanations you may please subscribe. We will not give out information free of cost even if you do not like it. I too have salaries to pay at the end of every month to my staff and also bills have to be paid. I am not sitting here to give free advice beyond what is already available.
      7) With regard to the loss my clients made in this trade and your statement “what has Glen to losse”. Please let me inform you that what I trade is what I tell you to trade. A lot is at stake for me personally to.
      8) Your statement saying that “I am only telling the facts and am confident, Glen will not publish my blog because he does not have guts to publish the truth.” Is nothing but series of baseless statements. The replies given here and records of this website clearly show that you are misinformed and do not have any clue of what you are stating here.

      Kindly refrain from making such baseless and stupid comments.


      1. very well explained sir.. But people will still not be happy even if nifty crashes to 6500 , they will get some or other reason to blame, so ignore them and focus on what you are doing,, God Bless

    2. Mr. Honesty is the best policy. Email id is false and you talk about honesty? He has given so much free information be thankful to him for that rather than blaming and criticizing him. If you want detailed guidance then you must join and follow him. If you do not want to pay him fees use the information what is available for free but you saying he must write everything free is naive on your part and shows your immaturity to say the least. Silver he mentioned so many times from 32K onwards clearly saying that it will come towards 46-47K. Crude Oil he openly mentioned target of 28 when it was at 90$, then at 28$ he clearly said bottom done, then from 38$ recently he turned very bullish and told to buy. From there crude oil zoomed to 48$. Ugar sugar told openly at 22 for 70 TGT (when he booked he told he booked at 70) what else do you want? Be thankful to him for so much free actionable information. After giving so much free information in which money could be made you still blaming him is utter childishness to say the least on your part. Glen sir please do not waste your time by replying to such non sense. I hope other regular readers of this section will reiterate the real facts as stated by me.

    3. Honesty, I am also a free member if this blog and I do not agree with the words mentioned by you. Mr mallav is a genuine anf honest person, as he has said he is here to do business and as a free reader we should respect it. He has gone wrong in the last trade but one should understand that mistakes are done but the best of the people. The difference is smart people learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat them. I am sure mallav sir will also give befitting reply to his critics in common time via his trade. And just for your info I also lost free bucks buy going short but that does not give me right to blame him for my trade. I am sure in longer run i will make good money but followingc him.


    4. Hi Honesty. When you say did not let his clients exit what do you mean? He is advising as per what is his trade.If you do not feel it is right you exit. He has not stopped anyone from trading. It is your choice to exit or hold. To follow or not to follow. He said multiple times he made a mistake and he will make that up. He got out in Aug series end just FYI. With respect to your comment of predictions. He has a great track record and what he has been predicting is superb with the exception of the last trade. You say lost time and opportunity. if you can catch all tops and bottoms and all moves why are you following him? He tells his clients where to enter and exit. Is it not necessary for him to explain his trade. He is not in the teaching biz.

  35. Hi Glen thanks for such a lenghty explanation…You have done a fabalouse job…and even I have benefited by your calls…So just cheer up and dont waste your precious time on stupid comments…


  36. Sir, nifty and bnf were super overbought day before yesterday.. Today was thanksgiving day. Today Dr. Reddy and relcap are overboughtest on daily basis and srf is on weekly basis. These will also correct I think. If on Monday nifty closes on a weaker note can we presume that nifty has made a lower top and correction has started?

    1. Hi Abhay,

      I find your analysis quite impressive. I am also an EW analyst. Is there anyway I can get in touch with you?

      BTW, you are right about nifty.

  37. Personally I feel steel authority sail has given breakout and my analysis says price target of 477 in 3 years henceforth??? I m also bullish on NFC tgt 130??? Nmdc tgt 168 172??? Tatapower tgt 115??? Tataglobal tgt 250 to 272 in l year????

  38. Hello Mr. Honesty,

    We have been following Mr. Glen for long enough to know whether he is trapping us or not. But, it is very clear that you are trying to fool around with the readers of this website. We have been reading this website for long and all the trades which he shared in his reply to you are real and available on this very website.

    All that you mentioned/alleged seems like the policies that you either follow or have been trapped in to, our condolence if you have been trapped. Without any proofs it is sad that you blaming and trying to malign his image amongst the readers of this website.

    As far as it goes with Glen sir, he is upfront to admit his mistake and committed to get us out this situation. It is matter of time.

    Kindly do not follow Glen sir, if you want to talk about these baseless allegation. Wish you all the best for your future!!!

  39. glen sir as i said your (and ours’ too) time starts now. lets see if nifty take support at 8444 or not. most probably it won’t. my target for sept expiry now extended to 8380 to 8420.

  40. It appears that shorts were forced to close at highest levels. And now they are waiting to short at higher levels which will not come now. These shorts will not have the courage to short in gap downs. Story over.

  41. dow jones close almost 400 point lower,

    Nifty may open gap down monday,

    Is fall started or could be false breakdown…???

  42. Monday will be blood bath day. Unfortunately, i exited half of my short position as this blog stopped to guide without paying.

  43. Hi Glenn sir.

    I have been reading your nifty update since long time. The information you r providing is unique. By reading the update; at least I will not stand wrong side of market trend. U clearly mentioned in 16 feb or 12feb nifty update. That next tgt will be 8800-9000,and by that time every one shouting about 6300-6100 or even 5800
    .Now all those are talking of 10000 and 9500. world markets are in negative. In just one night all r in mandi.your update really help us to understand major and basic market trend. Wish you all my best wishes.
    Hats off sir

    Thanking you

  44. The Biggest Stock market crash Is Coming Says Some Of The Leading Fund managers who manage trillions of dollars :

    According to some Fund managers Dow Jones is set for a Bigger crash to 10000 levels.

    Reasons for Dow Jones falling to 10000 levels :

    1.Even After sub prime crisis in 2008 Usa Economy has not recovered.

    2.Usa Gdp growth not coming on Track.

    3.Usa economy is Just surving on Helicopter money .

    4. Job activity in USA not picking up even after 8 years of Recession and so much printed money.

    5.Usa may Again dip into recession.

    6. Trump winning elections will push Usa into more wars and economic destruction.

    7. Analysts believe if usa goes in to Recession this time which is a high probability it would be even more Severe Than 1930 Great Depression.

    8.Economic Activity In Usa is muted.

    European Stock market may also correct 50 percent from here..Reasons Are :

    1.Brexit Will Impact Europe.

    2.More countries will try to leave European Union.

    3.Auto sales very weak in Europe.

    4.Capex cycle not picking on Europe.

    5.Job activity slow in Europe.

    6.Mario Draghi has given all the packages he can and now nothing is left to give.

    7. Greece bankrupt.

    8.Spain in trouble.

    Index like Ftse can fall to 3500 levels and Dax to 6000 levels soon.

    Biggest Problem of world is China slowdown :

    China has entered Great Recession and it will destroy worlds Economy.

    The northeastern province, ground zero in China’s multi-year slowdown, saw its economy contract 1 percent in the first half of 2016 as factories splutter and the coal industry groans under the weight of overcapacity.

    The results can be seen in northwestern Qinghai, one of the poorest provinces, where private investment plunged 13.8 percent in the first half from a year earlier, local data show.

    An examination by China’s National Audit Office in 2013 found debt outstanding of 18 trillion yuan.

    China’s Ghost towns Are increasing.

    Gdp of China has contacted from 10 to 7 percent and can even go to 4 percent which will cause a world wide Recession.

    China’s Shanghai index is preparing for going below 2000 levels.

    China’s devaluation of Yuan will click currency war in world.

    Real estate crisis in China is 100 times bigger than 2008 Usa sub prime crisis.

    Industrial activity in China going down at a Faster pace.

    Per capita income of Chinese people declining.

    Crude :

    Crude has bottomed out and is again ready to cross 100 dollars and This time may also cross 150 dollar mark as it’s coming out of Consolidation Period of 8 years.

    Geo Political tensions are going towards World War 3 .

    ? Rate Hike in USA will start soon which will dry up liquidity in the whole world and World markets will start collapsing soon.

    The rally in all stock markets of world are Just due to printed money by central banks of worlds and as that money dries up There will be no liquidity to support world markets and it will fall like a falling knife.

    This rally in world is without fundamental support and will end soon and wash trillions of dollars of wealth world wide .

    Niftys Technical analysis show That Nifty can go just up 100 or 200 points more from 8900 And than fall will be severe even Upto 6500 .This is Just a technical analysis of Nifty.

    Even scholars like Sanjay Jadeja have predicted levels of 4000 For Nifty.

    India is in bull market from 2003 and completing 13 years of bull market and preparing for 3 years of a severe bear Market.

    Some people Might not believe above analysis above and find it useless.

    Just read above analysis once again. All points Mentioned above are facts.

    Fwded Message

  45. Hi,
    Monday NIFTY may fall hard or may be as Mr. Glenn says it may behave as if it is stronger than other markets for few more days & then fall. Especially if fii’s & dii’s pullout the first scenario is more probable. Just my opinion.




  47. Dear Sir,

    I again want to emphasize the believe in you and your analysis.

    You have been spot on and in my view ,little %age of error is even god can make.

    So…. 2007 repeating again , gap down on monday and then a small pause before a massive sell off to begin. Am I Right from the chart? Or you see something else?

    You mentioned sugar , tata coffee and MSL in your last post. Can we we hold these during this fall?

    What is your view on pharma during this fall?

    Your view is important to me. Thank you so much for the guidance and lessons.


      1. Hi Sir,

        Thanks for the response. Whats your view on pharma sector during this fall?

        I remember in one of your post you mentioned about a pharma company to come up with medicine for cancer. Any news?


  48. I am short in rel. Infra at 620 any body can help ahead of result and dividend short and long term view with SL and target kindly suggest regards

  49. Hi Glen:

    Looks like it is now interesting to test for a short term trend reversal, US was brutal. Maybe this will be that quick, sharp correction. I still maintain it is a buy on dips, but maybe I would not look to rush into buying the first few dip, lets see how it behaves.

    Also, I think in general fundamentally its right to start raising rates in developed markets, sure there will be market hue and cry, but it will fade away. We will see reemergence of fiscal stimulus rather than reliance of monitory policy. This will be a game changer and markets long run can really boom. Interesting few quarters ahead.

  50. Sir in posts of Aug you had mentioned that the previous stop loss model would not work in this fall. But for such thing to happen their should be extreme bear news only which can overturn bull market trend. I don’t think interest rates hike is extreme bear news which may bring the market down (may be few hundred points possible). Do you think now we are overdone of bull phase or still patience can be tested for down move to start?


    1. What I think is even feed is aware now of plunging things ahead, they address trying their best to postpone it by some way or other. Buy as we have US elections in Nov, don’t you think they and us govt will try their best buy any means to avoid an economic crash atleast till elections? My vision might be limited hence would like to know your opinion on this.


        1. Thank you for the reply. If markets ends at day low today then only trend reversal would be confirmed I guess else we again see a pullback. Best luck.


          1. Markets ends at the lowest end of the day. This may signify the change in market trend, waiting for your guidance.



  52. On monday if nifty opens at 8750 and if go upto 8711 then Dear Glen followers get out of short and enter in long for targate of 9100 or even more

  53. Sir, I am short in Tvs motors at 320 level , what should I do , plz help me sir. Lost almost 3 lakhs i last 6 months plz help me out if possible.

      1. Sir as world markets fell for one day and again have renounced the next day, does that mean this is is normal consolidation phase again in this upmove we have seen? You had mentioned that when sharp fall will start, you are seeing Bulls will not get exit chance, but does not look to be the case as of now in this fall. Your views please, is this again as false downside move which will again trap bears and eventually Nifty moving back towards 8900-9000?
        As npat2015

  54. Where are the Critics of Glen gone now??? Barked for so many days. The capacity to bear loss and patience when you are net short in bull market last phase should be high….. Only then you can reap the big rewards like today and not bark at Glenn Sir.

    Glen Sir… 8711 Done today do you believe that 8688 will be taken out on Wednesday for further target of 8620-8580 or we get a bounce from here.

    Missing your posts

  55. Retail is loaded ,punters have pumped and dumped. Avoid flavoured sectors like housing finance, auto,metals ,pvt banks.Shift to the untouchables Pharma & IT.Best buy is real estate & infrastructure with REIT in horizon

  56. Dear Sir,

    Do you expect the market will be range bound for few weeks, or bounce back till 8850-8900 before the collapse starts? Or is it time now for the bears to run the market?


  57. Hi Glen,

    Entire correction from 9120 till now seems 3(A)-3(B)-5(C) correction and we may see downside impulse.In most of cases,either A=C or C bigger than A so we may go down below 6825 slightly.Bu as per vivek patil count,he sees entire pattern as Neutral triangle so in last leg he sees limited downside.As per him,E wave pending and it will be similar to A,which was 1100 maximum towards 7800-7900..So what we can assume now..was 6800 was bottom?

  58. Sir, I see a post similar to your analysis based on astro on some other website as well
    Details of the post in August are as follows

    THIS DOWN TREND ENDS ON 06/09/2016,
    SOME GREEN SEEN FROM 07/09/2016 TO 18/09/2016,

    ON 24/12/2016 MARS GET OUT THIS BOND,

    EXPECTED UP TO 24/12/2016,


    Do you concur with these details?


      1. Sir,

        I wanted to understand do you also see these dates crucial from astro point of view or you have different view?


          1. The dates mentioned in the above post. It says from 19 sep 2016 to 21 Dec 2016 blog down moves expected. Retesting 6300 on cards. Do you also think 19 sep or nearby dates as crucial astro dates which can initiate big download in all equity markets?


  59. Upto fed meet market wii be under consolidation but no rate hike will happen as there is election in America and then after all the market s will reach to unbelievable highs for nifty minimum six months targate is 10000

  60. Sirji, oversold scrips are idea, justdial, mindtree, tataelxsi and overbought are century and PC jewelers. Idea camp 82 may touch 96. Ashokley below 80 may touch 72 but it is oversold. Buy oversold scripts and idea is showing 5th wave down. Any panic in idea I will buy for double in one year. Sir can you please look into idea? Tata elxsi in panic can b bought for 20% gains, and I will pyramid every 10% fall.

  61. Hilary Clinton might withdraw from US Presidential elections due to health reasons. That’s another negative factor for global markets.

  62. Is it possible for anybody to give equity market tips with proper SL and TARGET and List of strong scripts. I am new to this market.

  63. I have become fan of Mr Glen because of his post during Jan-Feb when he mentioned that Nifty will see levels of 8800-9000 when market was near 7500 and below. Your medium term view on nifty is excellent.

  64. Glen,

    Kindly guide us in the turbulent situation. Holding heavy short in heavy loss. Should it be continued till FED meet. Is your predicted down to be continued or recovery on cards. Kindly update on the nifty behavior.

  65. Covered Nifty 8700 pe for Oct today at Nifty spot 8695 at 30% profit. It looks market might again surprise on some upside moves before the expected big fall.


  66. though i follow you regularly yet it is ridiculous n irritating at the same time that you have so much time to read every comment and respond but no time to update your view. really very irritating,not expected from a professional like you sir. responding every baseless comment or this blog, stop either of them plz.

  67. I hope that in case you have anything to share you will turn the page (post under new date).Otherwise it is sheer waste of time (going through the comments)reading public rantings & you playing agony aunt.The interaction in the comments section is more like cong vs bjp

  68. @Glen, I have read your updates multiple times and carefully. I understand you saying 200-300 points up or down rally from levels of 8800 which almost happended. Now how will be Nifty move. If no rate hike, will it zoom to new high or higher or will fusss. Kindly help with your view. WHat is platerary view on collapse and timeline.

  69. Kindly provide your view on IT sector as whole and on Infosys. Right time to buy IT stocks as they are at 2 year low level. Please suggest.

  70. Kindly provide your view on IT sector as a whole and on Infosys. Right time to buy IT stocks as they are at 2 year low level. Please suggest.

  71. Seriously Glen, your decision to not update this blog has only irritated your follower and me too. Weather your view worked or not worked but still we want to know what is your view now and how do you justify your view. You are giving time for each comment response but no talk on what is your view on collapse now. You are loosing the trust of hard earned followers. If you want money for your view you can make this blog paid and charge on monthly basis. I think most of us should be ok but leaving in such stuck situation is like once we are out of this short trade we will never look back at this blog. Also the moderate is releasing the medsage after 10-15 hours. One is market testing patience and one is this bog 🙁

    1. you want to know what we are doing then you can join as paid. I have been very busy with somethings and have been traveling extensively hence i could not update.

  72. Looks like Glen has refused to share his view. Let me try to help those who are stuck in short position as per Glen’s view of collapse coming in few days. I also followed his view and stuck almost 2.5 lakhs in index short option put. It pains badly to hold so much short in loss when everyone is minting money. Planet positioning does not work which we have seen because market going against the planet impact. Lets have view on technicals. Those who are in short position should look at the levels of 8777 on upside and 8680 on lower side break on either side will lead Nifty the trend. Request to cover your short above 8777 nifty spot level untill then keep HOLD on short. The upside target could be 8999 level if FED does not hike rate however, i would advice booking out on 19-20th Sep so as to avoid gambling risk.If break 8680 level then as per chart level 8540 level should be coming where you should book out. Dont expect major crash or collapse coming to multiply your money. This is only myth as of now.

  73. Sir,
    The fall is very slow and major buying emerging between 8690-8700 providing a rock solid support. If i read your pervious blog post, it is mentioned that bulls will not get exit point because till the time they think to exit markets would have headed much lower, but present scenario is very slow dip scenrrio and in fact steep bounce back everytime market is reaching 8700. So looks like more patient might be tested for bears. Your views and guidance please on this.


  74. Last three days was opportunity to Glens followers to exit from short and enter into winning journey of nifty towards 9200′ Don’t only go by Fii figures because they might have windup someof there existing position plus some hedging has been done

  75. Hello mr mallav
    If I am not wrong there’s so many trader had got stuck In short sell since Brexit…I know market manipulating to traders but if u can put ur exact view for nifty for all traders in free then I shall be great full to I predict nifty 8245 till 15th oct..I would like to know ur views…

  76. Hello Sir,

    I am sure everyone here is missing your updates. You wrote single time in last 25 days. I hope you are well and wish a good healthy life ahead. God bless you.

    I have come out of 60% of my equity except pharma and sugar and waiting for next move to enter. For the last suggested level of 6500 by Dec’2016, I bought put 8000@26Dec. Lets see if I can make money to join you for next year. Can I add more on lower level?

    Kindly suggest if there is anything coming to your mind.

    Missing & Waiting for your updates on blog….and new multibagger.

    God bless you…


  77. Sir currently U s sugar trading at 20.84 if in case it breaches previous high i e 21.1 then does it mean that targate is open to sky and will it be beneficial to domestic sugar company also?

  78. I am holding Renuka @15.50, BajajHind @17.50 for total amount of Rs.2 lacs…

    Now we are going to witness a big mkt crash in coming days so can i hold it during this time.

    Further can I add more qty to my current profile for Rs. 1 lac

    Please suggest

  79. feel like being short in market not rewarding….
    but already missed rally, what to do now,

    Just watch calmly , till uptrend over..

  80. SIRJI,

  81. Sir I request u either u update regularly or weekly or u don’t give it free make it paid service like other it is very frastuataiting to see that nothing updated for days

  82. Sir, as per astro cycle analysis it looks like next 20-25 days might see a sharp fall I.e around 10% lower levels from here on. But it will not be a crash like most of readers here are assuming, but merely can be said as correction as Nifty may head towards 8000/8100. Can you share your view?


  83. Hi Glen,
    Europe is in euphoria mode today.No Weakness seen in indian market. Global market not fearful of what FED will do. I read some astro blogs which says big upmove to be coming based on Rahu-Sun-Mars dasa combination. I read another asto blog which says kaal sharpa dhosam starting today will lead to down move. All these views creating confusion, hence would like to know your latest understanding and when then big down move going to start. Kindly suggest. Thanks.

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