Maharashtra Scooters Ltd 23rd June 2016

Maharashtra Scooters Ltd

Reiterate Buy and Hold. We see deep value. Maharashtra Scooters ltd’s investment into Bajaj Group as on 23rd June 2016

No of shares  Name of the company  Rate 23-06-16 Value  Value ( In crores) 
1897466 Bajaj Finnace Ltd  7627.00 14471973182.00 1447.20
6774072 Bajaj Auto  2633.00 17836131576.00 1783.61
3725740 Bajaj Finserve Ltd  2633.00 9809873420.00 980.99
3387036 Bajaj Holding and Investment  1580.00 5351516880.00 535.15
  Ncd   1260000000  
      48729495058.00 4872.95
No of shares       1.14
Per share investment        4263.30

Recently value investor Ramdeo Aggrwal also has started accumulating the stock.  Maharashtra Scooters Ltd investments have been shown in the above table. The value of investments as of today is at 4263/Share while the Current share price as of yesterday is at 1362. Hence we have a upside potential of over 100 percent. In our valuation assessment we have not taken into consideration land bank held by the company at Satara in Maharashtra which is currently valued at over 250-300 crs.