USDINR Futures & Options Advisory

We provide USDINR Futures & Options hedging based trades which on an average give us a return on investment of at least 5% per month with 0% risk as our trades are always hedged. There are certain conditions when returns are much higher than 5% for e.g. last 3 months we have a return of over 100%. The trading sheet is enclosed. (Yes this is my own trading sheet) Qtr_Setl_21062019_ECZ4014 (1) 

Salient Features of our USDINR hedging trading system is as follows

Near 0% risk trading as our position is based on hedging. We use a variety of instruments from Futures and Options however at any given time our position will be hedged so regardless of the movement of the currency pair we will still end up making money.

Low capital requirement. Start with as low as 2.5 L Rs. You can also provide your MF in demat format or provide your stocks as margin. We will provide you interest-free margin on the same. Yes, No interest will be charged for the margins. (You will have to open an account with Globe Capital. We are registered sub-brokers for Globe Capital)

No Compulsive Trading Only Opportunity Based Trading

Time Tested Trading Methodologies, Discipline and Money Management To Maximize Returns

Trades Based On Gann Theory,ELW Theory,Time Projection, Astro Cycles gives us the ability to capitalize on the opportunities in currency markets. Take a Free trial of our services and if you are convinced then only join us.