About Us

www.mallavv.com is a Broking and Research Advisory firm fully owned by Glen Drago. Presently we are sub-brokers for Globe Capital. He was born in India in Mumbai, Maharashtra on 17th Dec 1981 into a Catholic family. Glen Drago graduated from Mumbai’s Bhavan’s College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He has since then undertaken many courses on Gann, Elliot, Time cycle, and astrological cycles. In addition to these individual courses, Glen Drago has made his own theory for trading and predicting the markets using a combination of all his past experiences and learning. In the past, Glen has worked with Maruti, HP, IIFL, Networth Stock Broking, Reliance Money before he started off on his own.  Glen Drago has over 14 years of experience in financial analysis, stock market analysis, and predictions, with an exceptional track record in predicting stocks, currencies, Indices, Gold, Silver, and Crude oil, these predictions and calculations are based on a combination of multiple studies which include Elliot Wave analysis, Gann Wave, Astrological cycles, Time Cycles, and Volume Cycles.

In addition to guiding and recommending investments and trades, Glen has also consistently publicly written about his view on the markets on the website and has been and continues to be an adviser for some of the top financial institutions, Brokers, Sub-Brokers, Remisers, and HNI’s in India today.

While success in financial market predictions has led to professional satisfaction, not to mention wealth, he believes that one of the most important tenants of life is to support the less privileged. Glen is dedicated to humanitarian causes and proactively has been donating and supporting individuals and organizations in need, particularly in the field of education and health care.