NIFTY Spot View for 18th FEB 2013

Nifty is not ready to correct with speed or Volumes because time is not complete for Major decline as of now.Price can be manipulated, Time can’t be manipulated.


“Remember time is the most important of all factors and not until sufficient time has expired does any big
move up or down start.  Time factor will overbalance both space and volume. When time is up, space
movement will start and big volume will begin either up or down. Time rules above all” W D Gann


Nifty Supports @ 5810-5858

Resistance @ 5963-5975

See Power Of Gann,El Wave & Time Series Combined Below (Live Example Shown Here)  We Bought Nifty Feb @ 5965 @ 2.11 PM & In Next 44 Min Nifty Was @ 5908, Up 43 Pts.