NIFTY Spot View for 19th FEB 2013

Nifty Future Volume @ 52.52 L, Lowest In 7 Years.

” After a prolonged decline of several weeks, at the time a
stock is reaching bottom, the volume of trading should decrease and the range in
fluctuation should narrow down. This is one of the sure signs that liquidation is running
its course and that the stock is getting ready to show a change in trend.”

“After the first sharp advance (when the trend is changing from a Bear Market to a Bull
Market) the stock will have a secondary reaction and make bottom, just the same as it had
a secondary rally after the first sharp decline. If the volume of sales decreases on the
reaction and then the stock moves up, advancing on heavier volume, it will be an indication of
an advance to higher levels” M Pring


Nifty Supports @ 5821-5850

Nifty Resistance @ 5969-5975.

Feb 22nd V Important. Time Is Not Yet Complete For Major Decline.