Your SIP / Portfolio did not make money? Know the reason

Your SIP / Portfolio did not make money? Know the reason

Buying cheap and selling expensive makes money. SIP’s just keep averaging your buying price and hence net returns are limited.

Historically wealth creation has happened in stocks which have these qualities present great management + near monopoly business + free cash flow + Low serviceable debt = Free Cash flow = higher EPS growth = Higher stock prices as of today there are only 33 listed companies on the NSE which make this cut and if your MF / Portfolio does not have these stocks then your MF / Portfolio will have underperformed the benchmark Indices.

So what is the solution to this problem?

Invest only in high-quality companies with excellent track records of efficient capital allocation, who in turn deliver superior EPS which in turn leads to higher stock prices we do this by using a combination of Technical, Fundamental, Time Cycle frameworks which define our investible universe we then hold these companies for periods of time till the time the major trend does not reverse with suitable churn which allows us to capture the benefits of long term compounding and deliver superior returns and outperformance vs the benchmark. Just to give you an e.g. below is the chat transcript we sent to our clients.

Using this system this is what we had recommended to our clients in March’20 this year

[9:16 AM, 3/24/2020] Glen Drago: Nifty heading for 10600-10800 in next few weeks now
[9:18 AM, 3/24/2020] Glen Drago: Buy delivery in recommended stocks and hold
[9:18 AM, 3/24/2020] Glen Drago: expected move CMP-7350>>10200-10800

So as you can see using a combination of fundamentals + technical + time cycles we fine-tuned our entry point and bought 19 of these stocks which have given a net return of 43% this year till now and also took money off the table.

We will exactly tell you when to buy, what to buy and how much to buy as well as when to sell, what to sell and how much to sell so for e.g.

Stock % Allocation
MSL 10
stock 2 6
stock 3 3
stock 4 0
stock 5 0
stock 6 0
stock 7 0
stock 8 0
stock 9 0
stock 10 0
stock 11 0
stock 12 0
stock 13 0
stock 14 0
stock 15 0
stock 16 0
stock 17 0
stock 18 0
stock 19 0
cash 81

We will keep updating you regularly as and when we need to reduce allocation or increase allocation in stock or switch from one counter to another.

E.g. Nestle India reduce from 6% to 0%

In case you would like to know more about this product feel free to call me on 9563166316


Glen Drago