Portfolio Advisory Services

If you are a mid to long-term equity market investor who believes in disciplined long-term wealth creation from equities, Portfolio Advisory Services is for you. Unlike traditional Portfolio Management Services, (PAS) is non-discretionary in nature – thus keeping you in complete control of your stocks & money while you seek professional advice. Our (PAS) product Megaa Trends has been developed as a result of over 14 years of trading, investing, and applying specific learnings to deliver a unique combination of long-term trend following with an overlay of fundamental analysis. We have done this with our own money and continue to do so. We have a track record of delivering 30%+ returns every year over the past 10 years.

At Mallavv, our purpose is to influence efficient capital allocation in the Indian Stock Market. We do this by investing in high-quality companies with excellent track records of efficient capital allocation, who in turn deliver superior growth which in turn leads to higher stock prices.

  • We use a combination of Technical, Fundamental, Time Cycle frameworks that define our investible universe.
  • We then hold these companies for periods of time till the time the major trend does not reverse with suitable churn which allows us to capture the benefits of long-term compounding and deliver superior returns and has historically outperformed vs the benchmark.

So just to give you an understanding of how this product works

We will tell you what to buy when to buy, what to sell when to sell via our WhatsApp number

E.g. Nestle India Buy 5% at CMP (12000) so we will tell you exactly how much money you have to allocate to this stock and the exact price where to buy. Similarly we will also tell you when to exit e.g. Nestle India reduce to 0% at 17500 so we will send you regular and timely updates when allocations have to be adjusted via WhatsApp messenger live during the market hours.

If you are interested in knowing more about our Portfolio Advisory services product, please feel free to call Glen Drago at 9563166316. We would be glad to discuss any of your investment goals.