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Avoid Nifty but Buy selected stocks

We have been maintaining this that short to medium term Nifty remains in a trading range and nothing has changed as far as that is concerned however the present dip does present a superb opportunity for medium to long term investors.

As most of you are aware that longer term I remain very bullish and selected stocks will continue to do very well. Idea is to buy the dip in selected stocks and hold longs for 23856. Please keep in mind the broad markets are not a buy and as I have mentioned previously that sectors such as auto's fmcg or anything to do with manufacturing must be avoided for the time being.

We like selected banks, EV, Green energy and defense

Our portfolios have been outperforming and we have been the best performing portfolio for this calendar year as of date outperforming every other portfolio. So what we see is selected banks like Icici bank will do very well in the coming time. We see great upsides and I wont be surprised to see Icici bank at 1000+ or even 1400 in the next 3 years time. Similarly I like stocks in EV theme and green energy theme also some selected stocks in defense.

We feel these sectors will broadly outperform the markets so keep buying high quality stocks in these sectors. To know exactly what to buy, when to buy and how much to just drop me a message and get the entire list for FREE.

Nifty Astro cycles suggesting a bottom is near in the next few days

Today we have sun conjunction Uranus. Historically this has one of the highest reversal probability for world stock markets in a orbit of a few days. However, Mercury will also go retrograde in a matter of few days so do expect atleast a short term bottom in the coming few days. We see that overall corrective cycles will bottom and larger degree uptrend will resume in our stocks in a few days. (not saying this for the broad markets)

The combination of these astro signatures is that Central banks will make statements saying that they will remain more accomodative or do somethings contrary to what they did wrt inflation. Watch out for technical reversals if we do get confirmations we might go long very aggressively in selected stocks.

As usual if you are only trading/investing on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade/invest. Please do not over trade and always keep your risk in check.

Good trading and investing to you.


Glen Drago

Sub-Broker IIFL,Smallcase

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