Bina Kaaran Tezi Continues

Nifty continued to rally even today and continued to move higher and that is why I have given the title in today’s update as bina karran tezi and I say that because economy is bad, virus infection numbers continue to rise and credit cycle problems continues to take place and most corporate companies especially listed companies are going to have a washed out quarter and may be even the next one and yet despite all this negative news flow Nifty is moving higher and higher for the past few days. It is baffling to most people but those who have followed our website know very well that we have been predicting a higher Nifty level of around 10000 since 3rd week of March this year and we have time and again written in our updates that buy high quality stocks into panic and hold for higher targets. Now, many may ask as to why the markets are moving higher and what is the reason well for starters I have figured this out long back that markets do not move on immediate reasons and it is not a good idea to trade on publicly available news flow so what is moving the markets for now?

We have seen a high degree of congruence between astrological cycles and the markets and the current situation is that there are 3 major planets that are retrograde and whenever we have a retrograde we have seen that markets will behave as though the markets were a few months back now this will vary with specific degree and signs etc but generally they will behave like that of the past so in the past before the crash took place markets were euphoric and were in irrational exuberance and the same story is going on now. Cycles are suggesting that the same is happening now and that was why we were consistently recommending to buy delivery in high quality names and hold and that has panned out very well till now.

Now, from here on our near term outlook is neutral and though longer term we remain extremely bullish and near term we could see some more rally over the next few months especially towards the second half of this year we see cycles suggesting a high probability of prices moving lower and giving us yet another good buying opportunity in the markets and hence we have started to book profits in our delivery positions that we have built around end of march so please keep in mind near term we can still rally towards 10200 and I do not dispute that it is possible but most of the near term quick money that had to be made for this year has been made and now quick money is not available and hence looking at the overall outlook we are moving to high levels of cash (yes we did make a good 37%) but from the next few months perspective moving to cash wherever possible will be a good trade as per our calculations. Having said that even at lower levels we will have to buy only super safe stocks that have good management and have free positive cash flow so keep that in mind.

As usual if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade please do not over trade and always keep your risk in check.

So if you want to know what to buy, when to buy and how much to buy or even when we are booking profits we tell you exactly what to sell, when to sell and how much to sell you can join our guided PMS and gain from our services.


Glen Drago


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