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Buy this Multibagger banking stock with excellent upside and very little downside

All our clients and regular readers of this blog are well aware that we have been very bullish on this Icici bank for the past many months now. We have been aggressively recommending to accumulate longs in this stock on all dips and especially in panics and that strategy has been very rewarding to all our clients.

Rock solid performance delivered yet again by Icici bank

Our conviction and analysis is proving to be bang on perfect with stellar all round solid performance delivered by the bank yet again on 23rd April 2023 when Icici bank announced its results. Results beat street estimates for 3rd time in a row and all brokerages have a target price of around 1000Rs so that gives it a upside potential of around 33% from current levels.

Icici bank share price target on the charts shows heading for 1500+

Icici bank share price target 1500+ in 2 years
Icici bank share price target

Charts of icici bank look as solid as the fundamentals and we believe icici bank share price is heading for much higher levels. We expect stock to keep giving YoY returns of over 15-18% for the next few years however buying must be done on dips and panics as that will improve near term returns. To fully understand why I am saying this please read the previous post. Click here to read the previous post.

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As usual if you are only trading/investing on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade/invest. Please do not over trade and always keep your risk in check.

Good trading and investing to you.


Glen Drago

Sub-Broker IIFL,Smallcase

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