Crude Oil News & Analysis

Crude Oil News & Analysis

Crude Oil has been making classic lower tops and lower bottoms but for the first time since the fall started from 100 dollars plus we are now seeing the first signs of divergences occurring in Crude Oil prices. What does that mean? It simple terms it is that bottom formation could happen a little earlier and much more sooner than what most people expect and yes we could see Crude Oil heading higher also if this divergences that are now showing up for third day in a row start manifesting.

As far as the charts are concerned the charts are very clearly showing a classic lower tops and lower bottom formation in all time frames be it daily, weekly, hourly but there are divergences which cannot be denied hence we need to become very alert for any price moves over the next 5 trading days especially this week as astro indicators and astro cycle are showing and suggesting massive price swings in crude oil prices (I am sure the most seasoned traders will not have seen the price swings which we are about to witness this week)

Why massive price swings are possible let’s have a look.  Crude Oil is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Moon as per western astrology will be in Pisces from Wednesday to friday, Pisces is also rules by Jupiter. As Jupiter represents Expansion, Exaggeration, Massive moves are expected as all Jupiter related aspects are amplifying the present energy so if you have exposure to crude oil or crude oil derivatives then please keep trading stop loss of 41 $ / barrel Nymex Crude Oil levels for shorts.

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