FED Rate Hike

FED Rate Hike

FED Rate Hike is expected in Dec 2015. Fed Rate Hike impact will be felt by both Indian Stock Markets and INR as we see significant outflows once the rate hike is announced. Indian Stock Markets this year has seen only 3b$ inflows and we are certain domestic money will not be able to support India Stock Markets at these valuations. The probability of a FED Rate Hike is very high as per financial astrology which I have explained below.

If we look at FED natal chart (natal chart means the point of inception / birth) we are considering that FED was born on 23rd Dec 1913. So on 23rd Dec 1913 we are using western astrology for this hence (those following Vedic astrology please don’t call me and ask me how the positions of planets mentioned are different) Pluto and Sun both were in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are cardinal signs) when planets cross them they end up making a hard aspect to sun/Pluto in the natal chart. As per our historical studies we have found remarkable correlation to interest rate changes or treasury bonds terminating waves and then starting new impulsive waves around this geocosmic signature. This also has a cascading effect on Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and some agricultural commodities also but precious metals will be making a bottom within the next 3-4 months. We do not see significant downside in Gold beyond INR 22000 and Silver we don’t see beyond 30000 INR. (I am not for a moment suggesting that we will be buying into Gold or Silver. Our clients have been told where to park money for the next 18 months and if you carefully read our website details have been given there also)

Jobs report on Friday 6th Nov 2015 was above what the street estimated thanks to Jupiter (represents expansion, exaggeration) aspects around the time of reporting the Jobs numbers. Jupiter will remain in Virgo for the next few months which mean we expect Jobs in the USA will continue to grow / expand at a steady pace. We see no major problem for Jobs growth throughout 2016. It is in the end of Dec 2016-March 2017 will Jobs once again start contracting and once again a slowdown will begin in Jobs. Further Saturn will be squaring Neptune on 26th Nov 2015 this signature also has significant correlation to change in interest rates by most central banks worldwide.

On 8th Nov 2015 Venus moves to Libra and Mars also will be moving to Libra on 12th Nov 2015 we expect FED to temper down expectations of FED Rate Hike in Dec after 12th Dec 2015 (The commentary will say no we won’t hike rates but all our calculations show they will increase 0.125 BPS in Dec 2015) The time cycle charts of Dow Jones and S&P 500 show that both these front line indices will make a significant top around 15th Dec 2015 which means one more leg of rally is expected. More details will be updated later.

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