Global Share Markets/Stock Markets /Commodities Update

Share Markets/Stock Markets /Commodities Update 12.30AM 2nd April 2015:

Dow Break below 17500 expect panic selling to happen.

Raw sugar has broken out from a major down trend and is expected to give over 130% returns over next 2-3 years.

We recommend accumulate on sugar stocks in India also. Our preference would be for south based sugar stocks. However as a sector sugar stocks will do very well over next 2-3 years. Expect many multi-baggers from this sector.

Wheat is another agro commodity that will give 50-70% return over next 2-3 years. The basic theme is pro agro commodities over next 2-3 years and expect significant gains in wheat related stocks also.

Crude Oil has a very critical support at 46.30 if that breaks before 10th July 2015 then by 25th Nov 2015 Crude Oil will be at 20$/BBL (and it wont be good news for India) as that would mean a world wide deflation may be as powerful or may be more powerful than 1929. The only difference will be that food inflation will be very high and industrial commodities inflation lower (I am sharing a possibility, pl don’t short/Buy unless we give you confirmation)

Cotton is another commodity I am bullish on from 2-3 year s view.

Will update more view/analysis over the week end.

Good trading to You!


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