Gold Price Forecast / Prediction 11th Feb 2016

Gold Price Forecast / Prediction 11th Feb 2016

Gold price yesterday made a high of almost 28500 and now is on the declining trend. As regular readers and clients of this website are well aware that we have clearly mentioned that there is a time cycle resistance for Gold prices as Mars In Scorpio and Mercury-Venus-Jupiter cycle ends in creating a top for Gold prices and as of right now although we do not have final confirmation of bullish trend ending but we can say that top is almost in place hence as per our Gold Price analysis / forecast / prediction we do not see bullish move continuing and we have recommended our clients to sell 1 part in Gold. If we any revival in Gold prices we will add more shorts on the higher side bottom line is that we do not see Gold Price sustaining on the higher side and on the lower side our targets are 25000. Once Gold price nears our target price of 25000 at that juncture we will review our trade and see what to do.

If you are not our client and are only trading on the basis of this post then please use appropriate risk management and then only trade as the next few trading days could be very volatile for Gold prices. Please make a note that our view is given here and it is actually meant for people who are holding physical Gold or who want to buy physical gold so if you are a positional trader then only follow the trades mentioned here. We may not provide day to day updates for Gold prices as we do not trade in and out of Gold on a day to day basis. Kindly keep this in mind.

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