IDBI Share Price Forecast 2nd Dec 2015

IDBI Share Price Forecast 2nd Dec 2015

IDBI Minor Trend is Up / bullish. IDBI Major Trend is up / bullish. As per our analysis of the stock, IDBI Share Price Prediction / Forecast the next target is at 98 Nse spot levels mentioned and As we have been saying in our precious post that the structure looks very good from a short term perspective or for a trader the chart structure is a delight. IDBI Share Price Trend is bullish in all time frames i.e. daily, weekly, monthly and even hourly and even in 15 min charts. For short term traders these structures or stocks should be taken up for trading as all pullback will end in sometime and then the Major Trend will resume on the upside. (when to enter on dips how much to enter on dips etc all communication / details will be given to clients live during Indian Stock market hours) If you are only trading on the basis of this post kindly use proper risk management systems / appropriate stop loss points and trade. Even though trend is up on all time frames we still have to use proper risk management systems in order to trade.

Immediate support for IDBI share price is around 92 nse spot price mentioned and if some criteria are complete then we might add fresh trading long positions in IDBI around 92. As most of the visitors of my website know that we had initiated a trading buy call on IDBI at 80 with a stop loss of 78 and a first target of 92 on 24th Nov 2015. Yesterday the target was achieved and now we are trailing and holding our trading long positions that we have bought at 80 Rs. In trading the most important aspect is being in the right direction and not to get stagnated over price targets. Always remember being on right side of the main trend will always put money into your pocket and by effective risk management systems that return or percentage returns can be enhanced.

For those who trade stock specific, trade in such structures and you will be a very happy with the money you take home on a regular basis.

Reiterate Buy on dips for revised target of 98.

Good Trading To You!


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