Nifty Astro Prediction for 2020

Nifty Astro Prediction for 2020

Yes, many of you wanted some detailed predictions based purely on Astro cycle so we will be doing a multi-cycle analysis here. Please keep in that I am giving overall predictions here so keep that in mind. These are not predictions for individual stocks but for the broad market as a whole.

So, first of all, let us see what type of year this is. Year 2020 which is the year ruled by planet Rahu or also as some may say in western astrology by Uranus so what do these planets represent they do not like any boundaries or rules or confinement or for that matter they don’t like precedents and they want to make their own way or new road or new path sort of. These years historically have changed mankind so for e.g. world war 2 started in 1939 or for that matter the bottom after the dot com bubble burst was formed in 2002 so these years which are ruled by Rahu / Uranus are historic not as a rule but generally speaking. Now we see this year as historic in many ways because of multiplicity of factors but for now, keep in mind the year of Rahu itself means massive and sudden changes so we can expect sudden fresh trends originating out of nowhere so for e.g. today everything is fine markets are at all-time highs and tomorrow morning out of now where we will have a sudden gap down of maybe 200 points and then end the day lower by 350 points so this year it will be a year of extreme movements in the markets. We are not expecting normal movements this year and it will also be true for trends so uptrend could continue to break resistance after resistance and markets for some time could be extremely euphoric and in a matter of few weeks, it could turn the opposite that supports after supports are being breached and all supports are being taken out one after another. There could also be a high probability that many of the supports just don’t work due to sheer intensity of the fall so overall the first theme from a stock market perspective that will play out is extreme movements in trend both up and down as well as sudden trend reversals so keep that in mind that this year traders will have to be very nimble-footed to make money.

So the theme of extreme movements will not be confined to the markets it will apply generally on all aspects of life and even the weather so we are expecting extreme weather conditions in 2020 so we could see extreme colds in first part of 2020 and extreme heatwaves in summers and also sudden dry spells in rainy season and then follower by sudden record rainfall in a matter of few days and hence we do not see a great time for crop sowing so a lot of crops stand to get damaged due to extreme weather conditions and hence we expect inflation to move sharply higher in the year 2020. Due to the sudden spike in inflation, we see RBI also suddenly moving stance from accommodative to sort of hawkish stance so keep that in mind that this year expect the unexpected from RBI. These sudden rate hikes or policy stance changes could force the markets into sudden sharp downtrend or sort of panics. So this is in a nutshell what the Rahu year represents.

Besides this when we see India’s natal chart or kundali Saturn will change house around 25/26th Jan 2020 and this transit will remain in effect for the next 2.5 years. Now based on my transit calculation systems this transit will not be good for the Indian stock markets and India in particular so we do not see overall economy doing well (there could be a handful of stocks that could outperform the market) but from a broader market and economy perspective this Saturn transit will not be good for India as per my calculations and economy could see sharp down moves in terms of GDP so based on my Astro cycle calculations we will not be surprised to see GDP falling towards 3.5% for the year.  This transit will also bring out some big scams as it will lead to sudden accountability from Govt, it will also force many businesses to go bankrupt and real estate, in particular, will take a big hit.

So overall from an economic perspective the year 2020 does not look good due to Saturn transit and year of Rahu being in focus. In the middle of the year 2020, we could see minor respite due to some stimulus package which I see will be announced but overall we don’t see that sustaining so that will lead us to a pullback rally but then the pullback rally will either end in a double top or a minor breach of the current highs but keep in mind that in Rahu years buying if any should only be done in panic and profit booking must be done in euphoria this even holds more true due to the Saturn transit from 25th Jan 2020.

One important factor that must be mentioned is this will be a year of breakthroughs for medical science and space research and some other fields in quantum physics so we see massive innovations in these fields also we see massive innovations in mobile technology and internet connectivity so I won’t be surprised to see 1 GBPS connections becoming the new normal towards the end of the year. 

Bottom line Economically 2020 is not a good year, See GDP falling to 3.5%, Inflation will rise sharply, could see rate hikes in this year by RBI. Massive innovations will also be seen in many fields which will be disruptive.

So the question now is from where will we make money or where to make money from in the year 2020?

There are many safe opportunities that we have identified but we will give that in our next update.

Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year.

Good trading to you!


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