Nifty Future & Share Market Tips For 30-3-2015

Nifty Live Update 11.50AM:

Nifty Hold 30% April 8300 Ce Till Next Update. Wait For Minor Dip To Buy. I will update when & where to Buy Reiterate TGT 8750 Spot Nifty.

Last week Nifty Future was in free fall mode we had anticipated that fall well in advance (from 4th March 2015) we were consistently saying Trend is down.

As per our Nifty Prediction: Nifty today onwards will begin a bounce back towards 8750 Nifty spot level over next few days, so for next few days it is a BUY on dips market, avoid buying into breakouts as Nifty Future could show breakouts on smaller time frames but only those Traders who Buy on dips would be able to Hold positions.

In short only those traders who BUY Nifty Future/Nifty Options on dips will be able to Hold on to positions others will get stopped out if this strategy is not adopted.

Nifty Trading Calls given on Thursday we are holding Nifty April 8300 Ce 30% qty (on dips we will add)

I will provide Nifty Live update during the day.

Good Trading To You!


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