Nifty Future & Share Market Update For 10th April 2015

Nifty Future /Share Market / Stock Market Update 10.20PM 10th April 2015

Once again Nifty /Nifty Future took resistance at our 8700/8810 area and consolidated.

Now Nifty Future /Share Market has two possibilities


8850-8810>>7961 (with minor pullbacks in between)

So in short there is a decider that’s going to tell us 7961 or 9445 in either case a decline towards 8700-8550 will come. If decline towards 8700-8500 is fast then 7961 if decline towards 8700-8550 is slow then 9445.

So in both cases we expect a decline to come towards 8700-8550 so anyways there is no point buying here at current market price.

Will provide Nifty Live update later during the day.

Good Trading To You!


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