Nifty Future & Share Market Update For 7th April 2015

Nifty Future / Nifty Live Update 12.25PM 7th April 2015:

We have exited all our trading longs that we were holding since 26th March 2015.

Nifty April Future 8664 Trailing SL Hit. We have not yet gone short.

Minor Trend is neutral now.

Share Market Trading Calls/Nifty Live Update 10.45PM 6th April 2015

Nifty spot is nearing our target of 8750 (yes we have been saying this since 26th March advising all our clients to Buy Nifty Future on dips and hold for 8750 target and not to short sell Nifty Future)

Now we are nearing 8750 and its time to review where Nifty / Nifty Future / Share market is headed next.

As I have mentioned 8700-8800 Nifty spot has good resistance if this upmove has to continue to 9150+ then Nifty spot has to under any circumstances cross 8810 Nifty spot level by end of trade on 7th April 2015. If Nifty spot fails on upside and does not cross 8810 on 7th April 2015 that would be a massive alert for all long term/long only traders/investors as share market / stock market could totally collapse within next few weeks if 8810 is not crossed tomorrow.

As usual I will give Nifty Live update and only once we have a confirmation of the pattern would we give any recommendation but it is very important to keep in mind what I have mentioned above i.e. to reduce equity expose near to NIL or not to (with the exception of agro commodity stocks) if and only if we get final confirmation.

We have been holding long positions in Nifty 8300 April Ce since 26th March 2015 and that we may reduce or exit totally based on what kind of pattern confirmation we get on 7th April 2015.

Expect volatility to be there so be alert and trade as per messages only. Its very much possible 7th April is the most important day of 2015 lets see.

I was not able to trade on a day to day basis as I was preoccupied with some personal commitment for past few weeks, now that I am free please come prepared to trade aggressively and please keep limits open with your respective broker.

Good Trading to You!


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