Nifty Future & Share Market Update For 8th April 2015

Nifty Future /Share Market / Stock Market Update 2.17PM 8th April 2015

Nifty Future / Nifty is strugling to get past our resistance zone of 8700-8810, untill and unless 8810 is not crossed gates are closed for further upside. If a fast down move begins then 7961 is possible on downside. Time to wait and watch and see what message Nifty Future is giving us.

Nifty Future /Share Market / Stock Market Update 1AM 8th April 2015

As mentioned in our Nifty Live / Nifty Future update we have got out of trading long positions. Nifty spot has good resistance between 8810-8700 Spot levels So we need to watch what’s going on here closely. From 8810-8700 (from this range a decline will come min towards 8548) if that decline is slow and grinding (takes time then and only then) will Nifty exceed 9150 and head towards 9450, if the decline from 8810-8700 is fast or super fast then Nifty will keep breaking all so called supports and start a massive free fall taking Nifty significantly lower towards 7961. With weak Q4 numbers expected and looking at overall situation I think latter will play out but lets follow levels and not opinions so let levels tell us 9150 or 7961 and we will follow the market. As and when we get a low risk entry point we will keep trading may be a few SL gets hit but that’s insignificant as SL are very small.

Will provide Nifty Live updates as and when possible during trading hours.

Good Trading To You!


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