Nifty Futures,Nifty Future Updates For 28th April 2015

Nifty Futures,Nifty Future 3PM  Update For 28th April 2015

Nifty Futures has started pullback/bounce back on expected lines However this pullback is not for Buying its for exiting trapped positions when where to sell what to sell how much to sell all details to clients.

Nifty Futures,Nifty Future 2PM  Update For 28th April 2015

Nifty Futures is beginning to signs of a pullback starting towards 8450, once again we don’t recommend to sell fresh at current market prices. On pullback/bounce back kindly look to exit long positions and build fresh short positions near resistance area with small stop loss points. Will provide details to clients when and where to sell.

Sugar stocks running as expected later today if breakout happens in comex (Raw Sugar) then sugar sector and especially Bajaj Hind, Renuka and Eid Parry will start super sonic upmove. Reiterate Buy & Hold.

Nifty Futures,Nifty Future 1AM  Update For 28th April 2015

Nifty futures continued its fall today and is now in oversold territory we do not recommend selling fresh at current levels. We have been saying since 8750 to Exit Equities and stay on cash as much as cash as possible and once again our prediction and Nifty Futures analysis has been perfect.

Nifty Futures we maintain our Target of 7961 however we expect a pullback and we are expecting a bounce back towards 8450-8500 Nifty spot levels this bounce should be used to get out of long positions and create fresh short positions on rise towards resistances and low risk entry points.

Nifty Futures has a very important time cycle resistance around 4th May 2015, if we near 8450-8500 plus minus one day then fall will resume in super sonic speed heading towards 7600 also and if some conditions are meet 7150 by 10th July 2015

In yesterdays I have mentioned PSU Banks now will start falling sharply and look at SBIN. Bank of Baroda Break Below 165 will create havoc.

Tata Steel has confirmed breakout and we will buy on dips towards low risk entry points. Pharma sector has gone for a toss and some major updates will be given about this sector soon.

Maintain our Bullish stance on sugar sector and maintain Buy & Hold Renuka sugar, Bajaj Hindustan and Eid Parry. Physical Sugar once breaks above 13.50 in Comex will start running towards 33-35 (yes its right 33-35) Just think what’s going to happen in sugar sector here. It’s going to be one of the super cycle moves in sugar. Expect 5X – 10 X returns in sugar stocks.

Bajaj Hind Move Past 17.20 Expect Fire Works & Will Blast On Upside.

Renuka Sugar MOve Past 13.20 Expect Fire Works & Will Blast On Upside.

USDINR we maintain our Target of 64.29 on dips impex traders are advised to hedge all imports including forward purchase for next three months minimum.

Maintain Negative stance on Banking Sector especially Private sector banks.

SGX Nifty Live Charts are provided for ready reference.

Good Trading To You!


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