Nifty Futures Trend, Prediction, View, Target 14th May 18

Nifty Futures Todays Trend, Support, Resistance, Prediction, Analysis, Target and View is given below

Nifty Technical analysis outlook for the week starting 14th may 2018.

As per our analysis of Nifty Futures trend our view, prediction remains that upside targets are done. Nifty has a resistance between the 10825-10850 spot Nifty levels we do not see based on our wave counts or any other analysis that Nifty will be able to sustain on the higher side minor volatility around elections are possible during counting day. The pullback trend that started from 9952 around end of March 2018 is more or less done and we expect markets to test much lower side targets for here. Exact targets and precise entry area’s where to start selling aggressively etc will be provided to our clients.  If you are trading only on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and trade.

Astrological Update for the next few days and weeks starting 14th May 2018.

In the coming week, we have some very important astrological signatures which are known to have massive and major impacts especially on the banking sector not only with respect to the Indian stock markets but globally the banking sector has seen major changes during such astrological signatures.  So let us understand this carefully. Uranus changes house and moves into Taurus on 15th May 2018 so what does Taurus represent? Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and Venus represent Banking sector, Banks, Currency, Financial system,  Valuable things or assets, luxury, anything worthy of value from a human perspective.   Now the sign Taurus is also an Earth sign meaning stability, grounding of energy and now we put the all-important planet Uranus here so what does Uranus represent? First it is important to understand that Uranus is like the big brother of Mercury (in simple terms if Mercury represents an A320 Uranus is the A380 huge and super powerful which has long range and effects) so he rules higher intelligence  which signifies that it does not like boundaries of the traditional system and since Uranus moves into Taurus which is an earth sign it will start removing all the information pertaining to Banks that have been hiding the real picture though longer term this will be transformative for the banking sector and the currency markets but in the near term we will see a lot of the NPA’s and bad loans and some other problems which are of massive magnitude will come out in the open because since Uranus is higher octave of Mercury it will unearth all the information and inform the entire public at large how things have been moving in reality so Uranus coming into sign of Taurus is like a powerful earth quake that is about to strike the banking sector which will destroy everything and then use its intelligence or higher knowledge to recreate the system. So we expect that over the next few years the Banking system as we know it will change forever. We also expect that the cryptocurrencies will do well and eventually we see the end of the fiat currency system though this will take few more years to happen but the beginning of the end of fiat currency system will start on 15th May 2018 but does all this mean from an Indian stock market and a global stock market perspective from a near-term impact perspective?

We feel that from the word go there could be massive changes because on 15th May 2018 there is a new moon and new moon means new beginning that too is taking place in the sign of Taurus but that is not all, Mercury is also in Taurus from Sunday 13th May 2018 and so is the Sun which is life giver or the energy force running the show so imagine the net effect of undercover agents (Mercury and Uranus) who will start disclosing information which till now has remained under the carpet and this will be powered by the Sun the supreme controller of energy and to add to all this Mars (the warrior ruling the fire sign) will also be changing house and moving to Aquarius so even Mars energy will be provided so all of these imply that there will be no shortfall of energy to keep unearthing the truth and the various wrong doings all of them will keep coming out in the public domain.  This will not be only restricted to the stock markets but also will be seen across the currency markets needless to say that just prior to the change of house all emerging market currencies are depreciating heavily which we feel will only gather more speed and momentum. So the bottom line is that there could be some major changes in how the market participants look out for the Banks and the banking system in particular. From a statistical standpoint, this astrological signatures also have a very high correlation to rising interest rate cycle so historically we have seen a very sharp rise in interest rates during such times so that once again it is very important to be very alert and not get carried away by the sentiment. Having said that it is important that risk is managed and as usual if you are trading only on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade. Please do not over trade under any circumstances.

Nifty Futures last week continued to move around the 10,700 spot Nifty level but in the coming week, we have some major news triggers.  The elections in Karnataka are being seen as an important factor that will determine the future movement of the Nifty but as we have explained in our preceding para’s that the actual reason is some major astrological changes anyways what do we expect from the election results is that Cong should get around 103 so in a nut shell they will form the Govt and that will not go down well with the Indian stock market as most of the market participants are expecting that BJP will form the Govt (even if it does form the Govt we do not see any major changes in our overall view on the Nifty) but still this is what the general sentiment on the street is that BJP will form Govt and Indian stock  markets will react to this news and move higher. Keep in mind that come 13th May 2018 we will see fuel price revision and that will take petrol and diesel prices much higher than current levels so that will become an immediate trigger for inflation.

Important note and update. Many of you are asking me why am I so bearish now even though Nifty Futures has not yet broken any major support in their systems, it is not necessary that you become bearish only on the break of a support zone that is a reactive system, we follow waves and other leading indicators which show us well in advance the move so I am discussing some of them here.  The answer to that lies in multiple leading indicators which have been time-tested. The first major leading indicator is Crude Oil which you all are aware and we have been updating on the same regularly.  If crude oil continues to move in the manner which as per my analysis will head for much higher levels we do not see how Indian fiscal deficit and current account deficit will remain intact for a bullish market. (not getting into details for now) Secondly is the USDINR pair which once again historically has been a leading indicator and that too is heading for 72 so overall we do not see that if USDINR depreciates towards 72 how will the Indian stock markets will hold out as inverse correlations between them are well know.   The important indicator from the broader stock market itself that is the advance-decline ratio. Over the past few trading days, we can see consistent divergences in the advance-decline ratio. Although Nifty has moved higher there have been more and more stocks in the broader market that have been declining that to mind is another warning sign.  Multiple divergences on Nifty spot charts.  Although Nifty has moved higher today the overall RSI divergence clearly is evident. Nifty has been drifting and lacking momentum on the higher side and it was only during the last hour of trade did Nifty show some speed if we take the remaining part of the day it just lacked luster. This also shows that we are nearing the end of the pullback. Most importantly when Nifty was around 10,100 levels we clearly mentioned that Nifty is heading for targets of 10,600-10650 due to some internal counts Nifty has moved a bit more higher than that level but overall keep in mind that it is nothing but a pullback that started from lower side and we had at that point in time clearly mentioned that around the end of this pullback everyone will be super bullish and everyone will talk of 12,000 that prediction and view is also done.  There are many more factors just for instance the bond market the rise in yield is clearly suggesting that interest rates are going to rise much faster than what market participants are expecting.

To sum it up Divergences on the Nifty charts, Divergences on the advance decline ratio, Divergence on MACD (and many other technical indicators), Rising Bond Yields expected to touch 8% in the coming few weeks, Rising Crude Oil Prices, Depreciating INR, Generally poor set of numbers by corporate India, Rising Inflationary scenario, Sentiment indicators showing extreme euphoria,  Massive resistances around 10800 onwards, Time cycle and astro cycle reversal zone and multiple other leading indicators showing that the pullback is more or less done but even on the Nifty we see that some reversal signals are already present towards ate trade today and since we are heading into an event that could suddenly trip the Indian equity markets we do not think waiting for that confirmation makes much sense. The coming next few weeks will once again show and prove why we are warning you in this manner. Be cautious and trade safely.

Nifty Share Price / Nifty 50 / Nifty Futures today’s stats

Nifty spot LTP 10806 (+89, +0.84%) , Nifty 31May Futures LTP 10,815 (Previous Close 10725, Volume 85,580) , Nifty 28June Futures LTP 10826 (Previous Close 10730, Volume 3,712 ), Rollover Difference 10.6 points, Rollover percent 3.67% , Open Interest 353938, OI Change 5.93%, PCR (Put Call Ratio) 1.37, Today’s Low-High 10724-10812. Top Gainer was Asianpaint and Top Loser was Bharti Most Open Interest Up Asian Paints Most Open Interest Down   Daily Nifty spot RSI 66.92. Advance 709 Declines 1027 Unchanged 310. Short-term trend Neutral Long-Term Trend Down

Nifty Futures / SGX Nifty Live Streaming Real-Time Chart which updates on a real-time basis is provided below for reference Resistance, support levels have been discussed above

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