Nifty Futures Update For 15th April 2015

Nifty Futures Live Update 10.25AM 15th April 2015

Nifty continues to be at a critical reversal point, from here over next 3-4 trading sessions we expect Nifty Futures to fall and touch minimum 8700 Nifty Spot Level. If this down move is fast i.e. it is retracing faster than previous move then 7961 will come if the move is slow then we will be buyers at 8700-8600 area for target of 9450 Nifty spot level. Kindly don’t be in a haste let Nifty show us its direction as this will be the most crucial move if Nifty starts falling with speed from here it is prudent to book profits in Equities (exception of agro commodities stocks ) and wait on sidelines.

If Nifty declines in a slow grinding manner towards 8700/8600 Nifty spot level then in that case we would aggressively Buy Nifty futures. The sectors that would lead would be Oil & Gas, Metals. Most fund managers don’t have any exposure to Oil & Gas & Metals.

Crude above 56.50 (Comex) will breakout and a major pullback will begin having a target of 72 for crude oil. I don’t know longer term how it will impact Indian growth picture but sure it wont be good news on the macro front. Anyways we will discuss this later.

Sugar Buy Renuka, Bajaj Hind, Eid Parry on all dips. Post 10th July 2015 they will all begin crazy one sided rally so its good to accumulate them and hold on for 2-3 years.

SGX Nifty Futures chart is enclosed below for ready reference.

Good Trading To You!


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