Nifty Futures Update For 16th April 2015

Nifty Futures Live Update 12.50PM 16th April 2016

Nifty Futures fall is fast as of now and if fast fall continues our Target is 7961. Crude Oil is stable above 56.50 (Comex) Then we are expecting 72, if that happens macro’s for India will deteriorate further.

Hold on to 9000 April Puts bought yesterday. I will update when & where to add or cover. As of now it does not look like we have to cover in a hurry and its more and more looking like 7961 Target which means Nifty Futures would be sell on rise.

Nifty Futures Live Update 10.10PM 15th April 2015

Nifty Futures today had a sharp fall towards the end of trade and we have been alerting since past one week that 8750 – 8860 is resistance and that if the fall is fast (as of now fall is fast) then Nifty Futures is headed for 7961 (we still are waiting for final confirmation, which we will get over next two days) but as of now looking at today’s fall it does look like 7961 is a serious possibility. With Janta being totally Long/ bullish. I won’t be surprised to see further steep fall, But we will wait for final confirmation.

The most important point is first we had important supports breaking while 8268 was coming very important supports were taken out and that too easily. Then Nifty came up to our target of 8750 and lost all momentum and now took resistance at very crucial time cluster zone and started falling with speed.(These are all alert signals) If this fall continues for two or three more trading days then 7961 is coming and that too in supersonic speed. So kindly do not try bottom fishing and stuff like that, if you get trapped here there is only one way out and that’s to book loss.

Nifty futures more updates will be given later.

SGX Nifty Live Chart is enclosed below.

Good Trading To You!


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