Nifty Futures Update For 20th April 2015

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Nifty Futures Update 12.10PM 2015

Nifty has broken below 8582 Nifty Spot and given us final confirmation signal for 7961, now on Nifty futures is sell on rise till minimum 7961.

Nifty futures Update 1Am 20th April 2015

Nifty Futures looks like will break 8582 Nifty spot level at opening bell if that happens Nifty Futures will be sell on rise for targets of 7961. It would be prudent to reduce long exposure till we don’t see reversal in trend as this could be top till Minimum 10th July 2015.

Its really not worth to fight the trend so reduce exposure as told in my post.

Nifty resistance at 8668-8720 Nifty spot level. Until and unless 8720 Nifty Spot is crossed don’t even consider going long.

Good Trading to You!

Nifty Futures 18th April 4.00 PM Update

Sugar sector looks the best at this juncture. Many multi baggers will be created from this sector. Food Ministry recommends a hike in import duty on sugar to 40 percent from the current 25 percent, however as per our analysis raw sugar prices will zoom going forward especially post 10th July 2015 and that will have very positive impact on sugar stocks. We maintain Buy Renuka, Bajaj Hind and Eid Parry on all dips.

Nifty Futures 18th April 2015 Update 3.55 PM

IT as a sector looks like will underperform the broader bench mark indices. So if Nifty Futures breaks down and gives us a confirmation then we should exit totally from this sector with no exposure to them. What happens to USDINR I will update later. I am giving all sector details as Investors who are long from medium to longer time frame should adjust portfolio accordingly. For detailed advise kindly see our Portfolio Advisory Services.

Nifty Futures Update 18th April 2015 3.30 PM

Metals also as a sector is looking like it will outperform in the next few days. we will watch Tata Steel and Hindalco very closely over next two to three trading days. If both these stocks are showing relative strength and minor term reversals also are seen then we should begin taking minor exposure to Metals sector.

Will update more details later.

Nifty Futures 18th April 2015 2.15PM Update

Oil & Gas as a sector will outperform in the coming days as Nymex Crude is almost on the verge of confirming our target of 72. So we will keep a watch on Reliance, Cairn India, Ongc, Gail as these stocks will outperform the Nifty by good margin.

When and what to Buy, how much to Buy etc I will update on Tuesday.

Nifty Futures 18th April 2015 12.46PM Update

Private sector banks look very weak. We have been advising consistently to exit from this sector and switch to sugar stocks like Renuka sugar, Bajaj Hind and Eid Parry. Sugar stocks have done well over past few days and Private sector banks have just fallen so our advise and analysis has been spot on.

Axis Bank, Yes Bank and Icici are amongst the weakest stocks in Nifty Futures/ Nifty 50. Kindly don’t try stunts they are very weak and if we get confirmation on Monday then these stocks will start vertical fall. We could even see 15 percent lower prices from CMP.

Will keep updating as and when possible.

Nifty Futures Live Update 3.35PM 17th April 2016

Nifty Futures continues to fall and has now given us secondary confirmation of 7961.  We have been advising to be cautious since last one week again and again we have been repetitively telling that if Nifty Futures halts up-move between 8750-8860 Nifty spot levels and fast fall begins then Target for Nifty Futures will be 7961. As of Now fall is fast and has also given secondary confirmation of down move.

Please read very carefully now if you don’t understand then kindly call me on 9222294707 and clarify but don’t remain in doubt.

Nifty Spot if Breaks 8584 Spot Level then we have got final confirmation of 7961, means Nifty Futures will remain sell on rise till 7961 Target is achieved. If for any reason you are long in any short to medium term delivery/ F&O positions you must exit positions immediately on break of 8584 Nifty Spot Level as fall towards 7961 will be fast may be  vary fast also but fast fall is for sure.

Another crucial commodity to watch is Crude if it continues to Trade above 56.50 Comex then our targets are 72. So macro picture will get worse for India. Bad Q4 numbers, No signs of pick up in economy, Early signs of CPI picking up all these are Red flags for Long Positions in Equities as a asset class.

Sugar Sector looks good, keep Buying Bajaj, Renuka, Eid Parry on all dips.

In commodities Cotton looks very bullish. Most agro commodities look very bullish. Soybean, Wheat also are very bullish but we will discuss them in a different post at a later time. As per time cycle all agro commodities will bottom in the next two to three months and begin bullish cycles.

Nifty Futures Trading Calls Given On 17th April 2015

Session Start (Mass Message:drago.glen): Thu Apr 16 15:09:20 2015 and by exiting shorts positions it does not mean to Buy please wait for our final confirmation signals. I dont reco to BUy or sell for now.

Session Close (drago.glen): Thu Apr 16 15:09:20 2015

Session Start (Mass Message:drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 09:50:58 2015 Good Morn If Breaks 8635 Nifty Spot Today & ON MOnday Trades Below 8622 Then We will get confirmation of 7961. Will keep updating as and when we see anything

Session Close (drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 09:50:58 2015

Session Start (Mass Message:drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 10:17:02 2015 If Nifty breaks 8635 second major criteria for down move will get completed. Final confirmation then will be on monday

Session Close (drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 10:17:02 2015

Session Start (Mass Message:drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 15:11:43 2015 We have got secondary confirmation now, Monday we will get final confirmation. If we get final confirmation means Nifty Target 7961.

Session Close (drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 15:11:43 2015

Session Start (Mass Message:drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 15:42:24 2015 Nifty Futures Update For 20th April 2015      

Session Close (drago.glen): Fri Apr 17 15:42:24 2015

Session Start ( Sat Apr 18 18:28:45 2015 051800

SGX Nifty Futures Chart is enclosed below.

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