Nifty Futures Update For 23rd April 2015

Nifty Future 1.27 PM Update 23rd April 2015

PSU Banks looks like the pullback is over and are now going to resume sharp down trends extreme caution is advised in this sector. Will update once we get final confirmation. More details to clients.

Nifty spot has resistance at 8500-8650 Spot Nifty Levels.

Nifty Futures 12.35am Update 23rd April 2015

SGX Nifty Futures is suggesting bounce back will continue,please note that Nifty Futures Main Trend and Minor Trend remain down and we maintain our target of 7961, till where and when will pullback lastwhen where what price to sell to know details subscribe to our services. Private Sector Banks look the weakest among Nifty 50.

Good Trading To You!

Nifty Futures 3.35PM Update 22nd April 2015

Nifty Futures had a sharp fall today and then recovered sharply also. Nifty Futures shorts we covered at 8356 April Future levels. Yesterday I had told very clearly that avoid fresh shorts now and start trailing short positions. Now from lows Nifty Futures bounced almost 200 points. Yesterday I have mentioned Nifty Futures pullback of 150-200 points possible but we will only sell again on confirmation. Will this pullback end tomorrow or Friday ? More details to our clients.

For More details on Nifty Futures / Portfolio advisory services feel free to call me on 9222294707

Calls Transcript is given below I will update contract note also by early morning

Wed Apr 22 09:18:56 2015 Hold Short Positions Till Next Update

Wed Apr 22 12:10:21 2015 Nifty Trail All Short Positions To 8418 Spot Nifty Levels

Wed Apr 22 13:23:26 2015 Margin calls getting started from brokers/ dabba brokers/ traders

Wed Apr 22 13:47:45 2015 Gaaaoo ka maalllll foootna chalu

Wed Apr 22 13:59:00 2015 Nifty Trail Remaining Shorts To 8356 Nifty April Fut Level

Wed Apr 22 14:32:57 2015 Trailing SL Hit For Short POsitions No Open Psitions Now

Wed Apr 22 14:33:53 2015 Confirmation we have booked profits in short positions now wait for fresh msg to trade.

Wed Apr 22 14:39:49 2015 meherbani karke don’t do any stunts i will tell when what etc is to be doneSir/ Madam, I / We have this day done by your order and on your account the following transactions:Order No.Order TimeTrade No.Trade TimeSecurity/ Contract descriptionBuy / SellQuantityGross Rate/ Trade Price Per unit (Rs)Brokerage per Unit  (Rs)Net Rate per Unit (Rs)Net Total (Before Levies) (Rs)110000000156466602:32:362006483502:32:36FUTIDX NIFTY 30-Apr-2015Buy25083560.84248355.16002088790.00Scrip Total ::250-2106200.60STT :: 0.00Total (Before Levies)-2106200.60Service Tax on Brokerage Rs.26.03Stamp Duty Rs.93.00Security Transaction Tax Rs.171.00Other Charge Rs.177.00Net amount receivable by Client – Rs.52404.22 Cr ( Fifty Two Thousand Four Hundreds Four and Twenty Two Paisa Only )


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