Nifty Prediction / Nifty Trend 20th Aug 19

Nifty Prediction / Nifty Trend 20th Aug 19

Nifty trend was positive in the morning but in the second half of the trading day we did see some selloff perfectly in line with our Nifty prediction.

Part of what we did today

19/08, 9:07 AM] Glen: Good morning

[19/08, 9:07 AM] Glen: No open positions in Nifty

[19/08, 9:08 AM] Glen: Wait for msg to trade

[19/08, 9:14 AM] Glen: We are sideways between 11200-10800 as of now. Over the next few days there could be one more round of panic towards 10600 spot Nifty before we start a retrace ment rally of the entire fall of 12100 to whatever low we make presumably 10600.

[19/08, 9:16 AM] Glen: Don’t see Lower side sustaining it will be a panic bottom and up move due to positive news from. Indian and USA govt and fed

[19/08, 1:35 PM] Glen: Nifty Aug Fut Sell 1 part

[19/08, 1:36 PM] Glen: Option Only Trade 26 Sep Nifty 11300 Call Sell 1 Part

[19/08, 1:37 PM] Glen: Hold both nifty positions as told

[19/08, 1:37 PM] Glen: Will keep Updating as and when anything needs to be done

As we have guided in the coming few days there is a possibility of seeing some intraday selloff in the markets and during that panic we could touch 10600 or may be a bit higher but overall looking at the entire structure and wave counts and astro cycles it is possible to see a short term panic towards 10600 for any pullback rally to sustain or a retracement rally to begin for the entire fall from 12100 levels we must take out the area of 11200 spot Nifty until and unless we do not see 11200 taken out we do not expect any major pullbacks and we could see downside targets of 10600.

Nifty prediction for today Nifty resistance around 11200 use any bounce to sell Nifty in the next few days could see panic bottom of 10600-10700.

Good trading to you!


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