Nifty Prediction 11th May 20

Nifty Prediction Buy high quality recommended stocks at appropriate levels in panic and hold for higher targets.

So today let us take a look at what is coming up purely from an astro cycle perspective. Saturn will turn retrograde on 10th May, Venus will turn retrograde on 13th May, Jupiter will turn retrograde on 14th May, Sun will trine Pluto and Jupiter by 17th May. Now, all these astrological occurrences in the past have a high degree of probability to change the ongoing trend in an orbit of few days so in a nutshell we are expecting Nifty and high quality to stocks to make a higher bottom formation if the markets are declining into our critical reversal date so overall we see a higher bottom formation is likely and then an up move is about to begin taking Nifty to the next higher target. Now, I am well aware that many of you are bearish on the markets and many are saying why will Nifty rally when the economic situation is very bad and may still worsen even from here. The answer to that question is well I do take your point that economically situation is bad and there is no denying that fact but we have been saying to buy high quality only so just let us look at Nestle India one of the stocks that we have a buy rating on initiated at around 13000 levels the stock is a high quality name and has already moved to life time high the same goes with Abbot India stock is at a life high and the same story goes on with Divis labs which is again around life high. There are 2 more stocks that are about to hit life time high in a few days the prices have already retraced back to previous high as I write this update. The point that I am making is although Nifty will move up slowly relative to our recommended stocks but these set of high quality names will keep moving higher because of sheer combination of good management, positive cash flow and sustainable business models which will keep outperforming the broad market and keep creating wealth. Just to give you a case in point there is one stock that has moved up 10% in past 3 days when Nifty has actually fallen from 9900 to 9150 so the point is buying high quality is the key to make money in this market for now atleast. 

So coming back to the astrological cycles these cycles will boost the overall market and in turn boost these set of stocks also so we will continue to see high degree of out performance from these names and the idea is to buy and hold these stocks on any sort of dips as astro cycle will be supportive for next round of the rally and once again I do not know the trigger for the rally as to why will it come my guess is that the Govt may further ask RBI to cut rates and extend the moratorium and provide some fiscal stimulus to the MSE sector or may be for some package for overall business sector which could act as a sentiment booster so keep that in mind this could be the trigger but I am not suggesting for one minute that this could be the only trigger. It could also be the covid solution is found and that could boost all world stock markets higher. The point is the charts and astro cycles combined are suggesting that for now we have a high probability of making a higher bottom soon and resume the pullback rally that we started at 7511. Now some of you may say eventually after the pullback rally everything will fall again as longer term economic reality hits us and earnings start to show  steep fall well sure that is possible and can take place but our set of recommended stocks will continue to outperform even in that environment and may not fall much even during that fall.

Another important aspect is that as of now the sentiment is very bearish no one wants to buy stocks or equities as an asset class and most traders want to short sell Nifty and the overall market. Majority of the traders are expecting 7511 to break and Nifty to move towards lower targets so when these 3 major planets change direction to retrograde we see the mass sentiment also about to change and the situation very quickly could turn from mass hysteria as of now to mass euphoria and I am saying this because Jupiter is involved here and Venus is also involved here. Jupiter exaggerates everything and Venus rules money and things of value so overall we can see a huge sudden shift leading to mass euphoria reason could be because of a stimulus package or solution to the covid 2019 problem I frankly don’t know why but overall cycles suggest that the sentiment could turn euphoric very quickly so keep that in mind.

Bottom line is buying high quality and holding for longer term will make good money. It is time to be an investor because there is where big money has to be made for now from next few years perspective.

As usual if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade. Please keep your risk in check and please do not over trade. The situation is very fluid and we will keep updating our clients in real time as to what and how things will pan out and what continuous adjustments need to be done to both portfolio as well as trading positions.

Good trading to you!


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