Nifty Prediction 12th March 20

Nifty Prediction Worst Over Buy high quality stocks in delivery positive astro cycles to take Nifty higher from current levels. Wont be surprised to see new highs in few weeks.

Nifty protected yesterdays lows and moved higher sure there was minor volatility and that will continue for a few days but as days pass the astro cycles will keep becoming more and more supportive and we could see a euphoria cycle starting in a few weeks. 

Part of what we recommended to our clients

[1:09 AM, 3/11/2020] Glenn: Gold update as we had predicted gold did not close above 1690 and we have seen a decline starting. We reiterate that near term there is a negative cycle for gold hence we have been recommending to book profits in the higher side toward 1690 but i dont recommend shorts because longer term trend is up so in the near term we can see downside even from here there is also a possibility of seeing a mini panic in gold in next few weeks so in panic we will buy gold again but for now on any rise booking profits in longs will be a good trade. Don’t look to buy gold again until you get our buying message.

Silver looks a bit more weaker than Gold in the near term and till 51000 is not crossed we don’t recommend a buy and hold strategy in silver. In the near term we don’t see any positive cycle that will take silver above 51000 so if you are long in silver book profits at higher end and wait for a flash panic in silver. There are some short term negative cycles coming for silver also so we don’t see silver doing well on the upside. On panic we will buy silver again but there is sometime for silver to give a mini panic.

Usdinr pair is one of the best trades that can be taken and has the highest degree of safety. As per my analysis usdinr top has been done and selling 74 plus strike calls will be a great trade. We won’t be surprised to see usdinr at 69 to 70 area in next few weeks. Thanks to the lower crude oil prices we see the entire picture for India changing and Indias trade deficit will come under control. This will act wonders for the economy but be that as it may from a astro cycle as well as technical point of view usdinr is now heading lower to 70 or lower and selling calls of 74 plus strike will be a great trade.

Nifty as predicted has made its bottom and now is heading higher. Overall now cycles will keep getting positive and we expect a healthy rally in the next few weeks. We won’t be surprised to see even a fresh all time high so keep that in mind. Astro cycles look good for next few weeks so we see a retracement rally or a fresh upmove that remains to be seen but the bottom line is a healthy rally is expected from here. Those who are short should manage risk effectively as we currently are expecting this fall to be a bear trap as world over Govts will announce stimulus and rate cuts soon (one by one but they will eventually announce it) so that’s going to throw a lot of liquidity into the system and that could lead us to a euphoria sort of environment. But delivery in recommended stocks and hold. Hold trading longs as told.

As and when anything needs to be done will update [9:04 AM, 3/11/2020] Glenn: Good morning [9:04 AM, 3/11/2020] Glenn: Hold positions as told [9:40 AM, 3/11/2020] Glenn: Nifty volatility will start reducing now and we see positive cycle starting. Overall we see higher prices and a good rally from current levels to min 11500. Won’t be be surprised to see new high also but worst case 11500 will come so hold positions as told. On any declines but recommended stocks and hold [1:37 PM, 3/11/2020] Glenn: Siemens book 50 percent profit of part 1 for buy at 1264 and trail remaining qty to cost and hold


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