Nifty Prediction 17-27th June ’20

Nifty Prediction volatility will remain very high till 27th June. Trade using options and lower your trade qty.

Few days back we had predicted that volatility in Nifty Futures will continue and last few days is exactly what we have been expecting and the reason I say this is because there are many important astrological signatures taking place in the next few trading days. Starting with Mercury going retrograde on 18th June. Mercury rules communication and information so when it is retrograde we will start seeing thing like that as if Mercury is in the previous house so we do expect many rumours to start floating around as well as communication by the Govt not being clear and in general there could be a breakdown in communications and that is not good for the stock markets. Also, Venus will go direct on 25th June and Venus rules things related to value and money and hence we could see some massive shift in currencies and some very odd statements by both the RBI and FED and not to forget Neptune which rules crude oil now all this is taking place when Mercury will go retrograde in heliocentric Sagittarius which means that there will be very large price swings on both sides like we have seen in the past 3 trading days and hence we say that overall it will be a very choppy time to trade so it will be prudent to manage risk and trade and that should be done via options and avoid direct futures trading.

From an investors perspective we see that most of the easy money has been made and being long in portfolio will not be a great idea. I have said this at 10200 that most of the easy money has been made and I am saying this again overall this is not a great time to remain invested in the markets and it will be prudent to get onto as much cash as possible from a investors perspective.

As usual if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and trade. Please do not over trade and always keep your risk in check. Please do not over trade.

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