Nifty Prediction 1st Oct ’20

Nifty prediction dont see much upside yet we could see volatility in the coming days. Will approach sell on rise and advise to keep taking regular profits till we do not see major trend reverse to down

Nifty has been broadly sideways and has been trading around 10800-11600 for most of the time remaining in a range and we do not see for the near term any different any range breakout should see good opportunities in the near term.

Part of what we told our clients over the past few days

[10:32, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Internal wave 4 of wave C on post this pullback gets over another downside to 11000 or 10800 area is possible

Post wave 5 of C we will end this correction that started at 11800

We see prices moving towards 11—then from lower side holding lows of this Friday

Stock wise we could take a few short term trades but we will do it on Friday or whenever we see wave 5 ending [10:35, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Last round up towards 11—or thereabouts will come from lower side that will end the pullback from 7511 and best trade for the year will be shorting around 11— for 8200 or 7211 or whatever lower targets we get.

Now is the time to conserve energy mentally and take small trade around lower side this week and then short big around 11800 broadly this is what we will be doing [10:36, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Those who are trading on their own keep this in mind

If short Book shorts near 11000

If long add longs around 10800 to 11000

If no positions wait for our messages to buy around 11000 to 10800 [10:40, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Silver we will buy around 55000 to 51000 for 91000

Yes this is a good trade and one of my favorite

Gold also we will be buying around 48000 for 64000

These are not sure-shot but are very high probability trades with minimal risk involved so keep that in mind

Qty trading can be done here but keeping your own risk profile in check is important

Key thing is not to over trade [14:14, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Wave 5-3 is on [14:15, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Some pullback again on 4th and then 5th down for bottom should come tomorrow or Friday [14:15, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: That’s when we will buy [14:15, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Avoid remaining short now [18:51, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: [18:51, 9/23/2020] Glen Drago: Sski’s new discount broking venture [09:24, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: Good morning [09:24, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: Wait for buying [09:55, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: Could see some more Downside which should end today second half or tomorrow

Not a area to short however wait for message to buy [11:20, 9/24/2020] Please trade small qty only [11:23, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: expect a pullback which will be the last pullback going towards 11– and then move for 9511 first round will begin [11:27, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: Tata Motors Buy between 123.5-120 SL 119 TGT 131 [14:33, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: So bottom will be done tomorrow [14:40, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: Tata motors is active just FYI [14:58, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: Ashokley Buy at 65.5 sl 64 tgt 73.5 [15:21, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: fall is in 3 leg structure this is not the start of mandi may look like optically for those who dont know overall counts but this according to me is not the start of the mandi cycle. we see another round of pullback and then we [15:21, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: we will start the down cycle for 8200 with interim halt at 9511 [15:22, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: at this point in time please do not do shorts or mandi [15:22, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: low risk buying opportunities we will take for playing the pullback [15:24, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: last leg will be failing on the upside as we have been guiding but post that pullback or up cycle whatever you want to call it we see 8200 with 9511 as first halt on the downside [15:26, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: DO NOT REMAIN SHORT HERE UNLESS YOU CAN TAKE M TO M TILL 11900 OR 11650 AT LEAST AND BE IN A POSITION TO ADD SHORTS AT 11650 OR 11800 [15:27, 9/24/2020] Glen Drago: whatever low will be formed this week will hold and vs that we should see 11—anything higher than 11—we will have to see at that point in time [09:16, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: Good morning [09:16, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: Tata motors hold [09:18, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: Tata motors book 50 percent profit at 125.5 and trail remaining to cost for buy at 122.5 [09:18, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: Nifty will update [12:27, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: 10700 SL for 11450 those who can take this SL and trade can do so [12:28, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: I don’t have a small SL and hence can’t give a long in Nifty [12:28, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: I see 11–on higher side [12:29, 9/25/2020] Glen Drago: Tata motors hold remaining longs [09:12, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: Good morning [09:12, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: Tata motors hold [09:13, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: See around 11400 however keep in mind last round of upside currently on [09:13, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: Silver we will buy around 53000 [09:21, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: Tata motors nearing our target price of 132 can book remaining qty at 132 for buy done at 122.5 [09:45, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: Book profit in remaining Tata motors now if not done already [09:45, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: Nifty 11— or there abouts but won’t sustain higher [11:44, 9/28/2020] Glen Drago: upside will end in a matter of few days may be — days post that we see downside starting as mentioned before [08:56, 9/29/2020] Glen Drago: Good morning [08:56, 9/29/2020] Glen Drago: No open positions [08:57, 9/29/2020] Glen Drago: Will update whenever we have to short sell [10:13, 9/29/2020] Glen Drago: Some time pass here is possible post which we should see around 11—I won’t be buying but around 11— it’s a good area to go short as entire pullback will be over and we will see next round down [13:52, 9/29/2020] Glen Drago: As mentioned time pass is going on and post which we can see minor up move ending whenever we see this move ending will start shorting for larger down move [09:07, 9/30/2020] Glen Drago: Good morning [09:07, 9/30/2020] Glen Drago: No open positions [09:07, 9/30/2020] Glen Drago: Wait for selling [09:07, 9/30/2020] Glen Drago: Could see around 11— [09:08, 9/30/2020] Glen Drago: Dont see much higher than 11— around 11— 

as usual, if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade. I have been busy with some optimization and we have fine tuned our systems much better now but keep your risk in check and trade and please do not overtrade and always keep your risk in check.

Good trading to you


Glen Drago


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