Nifty Prediction 21-1-19

Nifty Prediction 21-1-19

Nifty Futures continues to consolidate and is moving perfectly along expected and predicted lines and continues to be broadly trading in the range of 10600-10900. As per my Nifty trend analysis and Nifty prediction we do not see Nifty moving much higher from current levels though there could still be some more upside in the near term and we could see levels of —– however we do not see those upside levels sustaining and eventually we expect that Nifty will resume its down trend after making a lower top around —-levels and the time cycle topping area for this is — date so keep in mind that if you do see any rise which could come in the next few days we are recommending and telling our clients to get on to as much cash as possible. Once again please keep in mind that there surely will be some select set of stocks that will outperform the market and give some returns over the broader stock market however I do not see the broader stock market returns much above current levels in the near term. If the election results do go in the favor of what the market wants then you could see some 7-10 percent upside and once that move of 7-10 percent takes place and the event is out of the way markets will start looking for earnings which will disappoint even this year so if we do take a look at markets 7-10 percent higher because of the election event going in favor of what the street wants then also post the event markets look terribly expensive around 11700 levels however it is very important to keep the second scenario also in mind that if the election event does not go in the markets expectations then hell could break lose because on the earnings front the markets are struggling to say the least and even this year if the Nifty 50 gives a earnings growth of 7-9 percent I think that it would be an achievement. I say this because the on ground reports that we are picking up show massive slow down in fact the slow down is much more intense than even our estimates so a combination of the event not going in what the market wants and then earnings continuing to disappoint could be a recipe for disaster so do watch out on that front.

Our Nifty Prediction over the next few days is that there are some significant time cycle and price resistances coming up over the next few days so do not get carried away by some positive news flow and be very nimble footed. If you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade. Please do not over trade and always keep your risk in check. We might enter trades even for near term or intraday based on my Nifty prediction and exit intraday also.

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