Nifty Prediction for tomorrow 25th May 2021

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow 25th May 2021 Nifty trend remains up however we are near critical resistance areas. Need to see what Nifty does here now.

As per our Nifty Prediction we were expecting and predicting a target of 15250 which is achieved today. Once again we were perfectly on target in predicting the levels. Now, it is critical to note that although we still do not have any reversal it is time to be cautious because we are near critical resistances. Overall till trend reversal does not come in we will not recommend shorts however it is now time to protect profits on the long side. So if you are having longs please ensure you take part money off the table or at least hedge your longs. 

I am not suggesting even for one minute that now we are in short mode. All I am saying is critical resistance is near by so be very careful on the long side. If our projections are right we could see a sharp and sudden fall starting around these levels. Hence extreme caution is advised.

3 daily closes below 14720 spot level would give us some sort of confirmation to our analysis. As of now we are in wait and watch mode.

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow

Bank Nifty Prediction for tomorrow

Bank Nifty short-term trend is up. However entire structure looks like a pullback. I say pullback with respect to the to made on 16th Feb 2021. So keep that in mind. Once this pullback ends can test the target of 30000. Keep in mind still no sign for short selling here. However and when we see a reversal we have a good probability that this was a pullback and we could see a resumption of a down move towards 30000 for now. 

As usual, if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade. Please do not over-trade and always keep your risk in check. 

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