Nifty Prediction for tomorrow 27th May 2021

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow 27th May 2021 Nifty Trend remains up but looks exhausted as a major resistance area is nearby. Please refer Nifty Chart enclosed below for reference.

Nifty continued its drifting around these levels as predicted. The momentum has been continuously moving divergent. In such a scenario we should be looking at trending counters. However, in the present scenario, most counters are also heading sideways now. Hence we need to be patient and wait for a quality trade setup. 

We can also look at stocks or indices that are about to end their respective pullback. So looking for shorts in such counters only on reversal confirmation will be a good trade to take. 

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow and for 2021

There is an important time cycle at play that will set in over the next 2 years now. Maybe even 3 years. I request you to independently verify this so that you can understand what I am communicating. I have taken Dow Jones data

1903 bottom + 18 = 1921 bottom 1921 bottom + 21 = 1942 bottom 1942 bottom + 20 = 1962 bottom 1962 bottom + 20 = 1982 bottom 1982 bottom + 20 = 2002 bottom 2002 bottom + 20 = 2022 bottom ?

Now we can see this cycle has a variable so what is this variable? We think based on our analysis that this is nothing but a Jupiter- Saturn conjunction cycle. History has shown that whenever we have had a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle within 18 months we have seen a bottom in world stock markets.

Does this mean that we go short tomorrow morning? No, I am not suggesting that at all. There is a lot of difference between forecasting and trading. This is one cycle I thought will add value to my readers to keep in mind. When the trend changes we will short sell but will be prudent to keep this in mind.

There are some other important cycles that are also suggesting something similar and I will keep periodically sharing them here. Just a note from me I am not a bear or a bull just a slave of the trend. This is just to keep a larger picture in mind.

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow

Nifty Prediction for tomorrow

As usual, if you are only trading on the basis of this post please use your own risk management and then only trade. Please do not over-trade and always keep your risk in check. 

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