Nifty, Stock Market, Silver Prediction 2021

Nifty, Stock Market, Silver Prediction 2021

Nifty trend continues to be overbought and until and unless we see a trend reversal confirmation we cannot short sell so please keep that in mind. Many are asking me how and why will 9511 come? The answer is I do not know what news flow will take Nifty to 9511 or 8200 or 7211 which is still possible so be that as it may I do not rule out the possibility of testing 7211 however I will reconfirm at 9511 which is assuming wave C failure takes place but keep in mind again till the time we do not see a reversal confirmation we cannot short sell and must not try to catch a top. Just protect your capital for now and as I have said assuming that I am wrong even in that scenario we will come to 9511  

Nifty Prediction/forecast 2021 This year is ruled by planet Mercury. Mercury rules communication, travel, knowledge so in the real economy we will see recovery in these sectors but as far as stock markets are concerned mercury is very unstable so just like one side of Mercury is extremely hot the other side is extremely cold and mercury can shift very quickly from one end or one extreme to another extreme and come back to mean point also very quickly so right now markets are at one end of the extreme and during this year for whatever reason may be inflation rising and central banks start raising rates in July or may be some other reason we will see wild swings in the markets and then a back to mean position so with the current context Nifty and stock markets are at one end of the extreme so I do expect and predict stocks, Nifty and other risk on assets to test the other end of the extreme which could be 9511 or 8200 or 7211 what exactly comes that we will see later and then a quick back to the mean point before a gradual recovery begins in 2022 which will be a year for one particular sector because of massive reforms I will disclose that sector in some later post so do watch out for updates here but coming back to the point of discussion whenever we have had Mercury ruled years we have always moved from one extreme to another only to come back to mean point and that too very quickly because Mercury after all is the fastest planet to orbit the sun so similar characteristics will be seen in this year.  Certain agricultural commodities will also zoom higher because of sudden and rapid climatic changes so in a nutshell 2021 Nifty will see extremes and very fast moves will take place theme for this year should be to buy into high quality but in sheer panic and book profits in sheer. Keep in mind it will come back to mean only after testing the other end of the extreme.

Silver Prediction 2021 last year we said buy silver between 33-38K booked partially at 76K then reentered at 61K did some trading lowered the cost to 59K and then booked again at around 69K now we will buy silver again in panic whenever that comes as see silver will move towards 91K for this year and should outperform gold this year.

If you are only trading on the basis of this post then please use your own risk management and then only trade.


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